by Lidarr

Manages music collections, and organizes music libraries

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lidarr

Release: Lidarr

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Lidaar is an open source and free to download software intended for Usenet users or any user that utilizes a torrent program or P2P software such as BitTorrent. Lidaar allows users to manage music collections and has various tools and settings that give it good functionality towards organizing and maintaining a music library.


  • Scans your music library, and re-downloads any tracks that it detects are missing.
  • Checks RSS feeds for new songs and tracks from artists that were favorited in your collections, and downloads them and sorts them automatically.
  • Automatically updates song files with newer and better audio quality versions when applicable.
  • Calendar functionality, and gives the users the ability to set notifications and tags for their collections.

Lidaar is a program that gives its users great functionality in organizing and maintaining music files in a collection or library. Lidaar is useful in conjunction with other music store programs or P2P music sharing software. The application gives users various tools for organizing music files, through manual tags or IDs. The software, however, is well intended for a more streamlined and automatic functionality, as the software can automatically apply tags and organizes collections. With the ability to re-download any missing tracks, or update music files with higher quality versions, Lidaar is a must for users wishing to maintain their music collections with minimal effort and input. Lidaar is available for Windows devices, along with MAC OS and Linux devices. The program is also minimal and light does not require too much storage space, under 50 MB. In addition, the application once installed also has the benefit of automatic updating, which gives the users the latest software available for Lidaar. Installing Lidaar requires the user to follow instructions on the GitHub page, unlike using other common downloadable executables and may require some more effort and time than other software. Nevertheless, the functionality and usefulness of Lidaar are beneficial for a wide variety of users and crucial for users that access peer to peer music sharing software.

Automatically updates and downloads better audio quality versions of owned tracks and songs.
Liar has been extremely useful for sorting all my music into one place! The calendar that it provides for me to see upcoming albums from my favourite artists has been amazing. I can even find all the releases and download them onto my device. I can follow my favourite artists and see what they have upcoming. I really do believe this is an outstanding service and have already recommended to all my friends and family!
Lidarr for Windows is cool. I like that it keeps track of my favorite artists so I know when they put out new songs and albums. It also made my library a lot cleaner, it was a mess before. But it correctly tags everything and sorts it in a very functional way, so I can actually find it. Recommend to any fellow music lovers out there.
I enjoy this music collection manager. It supports major platforms. I like this automatic detect new tracks. It is open-source and free-to-use software. I can see all upcoming events on the calendar. It is easy to find a manual searching option. Totally I like and enjoy this software to make easy finds and searches.
I love using Lidarr for Windows because it lets me manage my music and keep all of it organized in neat, easy-to-find albums that I can collate myself. It's perfect for any music junkie and is even great for hobbyists who just want to make sure they can always find their favorite hits in a quick and efficient manner with a single click.
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