by BitTorrent, Inc.

Bittorrent is a p2p program using a torrent file to locate the desired program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BitTorrent, Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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BitTorrent is a client program designed to download any, even the largest files from the so-called peer-to-peer p2p-networks, when the download source is not the server where the desired file is stored, but the users who uploaded to the network or have already downloaded any file. Due to direct connection to multiple distributing sources (readers) high speed of loading and its continuity is reached. All you need to do when using this program is to find the necessary distribution on any tracker and download the torrent-file. The search for sources and downloading will start automatically.

BitTorrent has a simple, but at the same time multifunctional interface that allows you to maximize the management of downloads and fine-tune the application itself. This program allows you to easily manage the download speed, instantly stop or resume its operation, increase and decrease the number of connections (connections), so as not to overload the Internet channel when it is necessary to use the Internet while downloading.

In addition to the usual functions described above, which are necessarily available in almost all torrent clients, BitTorrent has a rather interesting additional functionality. Thus, using the online interface of this application, you can easily manage the program itself and all downloads through remote access, literally, from everywhere. Using the Transfer Cap function you will be able to monitor the volume of downloaded/delivered traffic, which can be very useful for those who have an Internet tariff plan is not unlimited. With the help of the integrated scheduling function, you can easily plan all downloads for a long time ahead and the program will automatically perform all your tasks, saving you from unnecessary worries.

The only insignificant drawback of this program is that there is no integrated file search by trackers, but for those who know how to use the browser and search engines, it is unlikely that this will be a problem. Otherwise, of course, BitTorrent can be considered one of the best client programs in its category!

seems very efficient, especially in a large company setting. the scheduling function is probably the best part because it basically does the job for you. the remote access is great for a manager or it person on the go.the one drawback is insignificant.
You should check out BitTorrent if you need to transfer files, since this program helps facilitate peer-to-peer transfer of such files. With recent upgrades, you'll be able to use BitTorrent to identify the torrent file that you're interested in downloading, then make sure your Internet connection is set up correctly, and then explore the web user interface as you please.
BitTorrent is a very intuitive application for downloading torrents, even for non-technical users. The user interface is clean and clear and you can easily trigger multiple torrent downloads at once or even schedule for the torrents to start downloading at a specific time - which is great if you want to limit bandwidth during the day for example. The application can be set in different languages which is great for non-English speakers. The only real downside is that the basic/free version features advertisements but that's a small price to pay for such a clean and efficient torrent downloader/manager.
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