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Label your CD and DVDs and make them look professional

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Light Scrible Template Labeler makes it easy to label your CD and DVDs and make them look professional.

Light Scribe Template Labeler is a new and easy to use software that allows you to make all your discs look like they have been done professionally.  The catch is, you do them yourself by downloading the simple to use software and installing it on your home or office computer.  It is a tool that comes in handy when you want to create the perfect and professional label for a disc you have created.


This software is so good because it is
  • This is a technology that offers numerous templates
  • These templates are categorized so it is easy to find what you are looking for
  • You can insert text into each template
  • Simple to use

To make professional looking labels there are extensive and customizable templates for you to use.  These templates are categorized into subjects such as Holidays, Animals, Dance, Family, Hobbies and many more.  This feature makes it easy to find whatever  subject you desire to use.  You can add images from your computer also giving you unlimited designs to choose from.  To add an image it is as simple as double-clicking in the designated area of the template and then selecting the image of your choice from your computer.

When inserting your image into the template you have many options such as zoom in or out, drag the image to the desired position, center images, rotate images and much more.  You can also insert text with many font and size choices.

I have used this software in my own personal life making for fun CD covers. Nothing is better than getting out a CD and your granchilds eyes light up because they see their own picture right there on the CD cover.  They have lots of questions like "did you make that yourself" or "how did you do that"?

I have also used this free software in my business adventures by creating beautiful CD and DVD covers that can impress even the most unimpressionable of bosses.  Give it a try at your job and see if you can impress your boss...maybe even get a promotion.  

So go ahead, get the free download and start printing your own labels for your personal or business use and see how much fun you can have creating these fun labels.

Light Scribe Template Labeler is available for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, and Windows 10 making it available for most computer users.  

     1.  Download the free software to your hard drive

     2.  double-click the file and click "Run"

     3.  Follow the steps in the "Install Wizard"

     4.  After the software is installed, the Light Scribe icon will appear on your desktop

Aaron Yates
LightScribe Template Labeler is a program that offers a multitude of customizable templates to label your burned CDs and DVDs with a professional appearance. The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 ensuring and wide range of Windows compatibility. There are many available templates including holidays, animals, hobbies, and more. LightScribe Template Labeler is an easy way to unlock the potential of your LightScribe enabled CD/DVD burner and create impressive labels for the business or personal world.
LightScribe Template Labeler is a label designer app that is used to design labels in CD's and DVD's in a professional way. This app. is found unusable on Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems and if used it will throw error.
LightScribe Template Labeler is perfect for modifying labels and which offers a large variety of templates in order to track and label burned ROMs, such as CD's, DVD's, with a professional look. It is the ideal tool for design built for Lightscribe burners. With this tool you will be able to discern each and every disc that you have by your own created label, making it a great organizer.
Callum Quillen
The LightScribe Template Labeler was created by Steve Nelson, an active user since 2006 and created over 20,000 LightScribe products. He did a bit of re-engineering with the Template Labeler program, and made it to where if a customer download this program for Windows 8 or 10, then they will be able to create any design they wish (and also duplicators too).
LightScribe is a labeler software that can be used to create a label for compact disk drives. This software is available as freeware and can be downloaded from its website This software comes with multiple templates that can be used easily to create the label needed. The downside of this software is that you are limited to the templates available with them which are around 15 templates. The website also has an introductory video that helps to understand how to use the software.
LightScribe Template Labeler for Windows is a strong piece of free labeling software that gives you several template options for your burned CDs and DVDs. The numerous templates available are divided into categories- i.e. Animals, Family, Hobbies, Holidays and even Dance- allowing you to easily and professionally label your CD. This was a piece of software that I personally used when making recordings of bird songs of Ohio. LightScribe Template Labeler for Windows provided me with a perfect, eye-catching label for my CD project. I cannot recommend this software enough.
Light scribe template labeler is great and easy to use. The view and edit most graphics options given by this product is simply awesome. It is processing very fast and quickly.It is a very sophisticated tool for windows. The tool is very felxible to ise. We can convert the images very easily. It is an powerful professional- grade software. It works as advertised and in an indispensable manner for the disc labeling purpose.
Light Scribe Template Labeler is a great piece of free labeling software however it comes as not surprise. It is an optical disc recording technology. It works with all versions of windows including window10. Its a RICH labeling software.
lightscribe template labeler for windows is very useful to learn and easily understand light scribe software its easy to support and easy to installation process. Its very quick to work in windows 10 operating system. thank you for this wonderful software . ther is no defect in this software. its very helpful for my system working process its so nice.
Me and the boys have a band and we'd like to produce our own CDs. Unfortunately none of us know how to fit our design on the disks. Then we found Light Scirbe Template Labeler, which is pretty quick and easy to design our CD cover from templates. I'm not quite familiar with new sofewares but the developer even provided a very detailed instruction, hand-in-hand video of their website! Besides it also works on all versions of Windows so you do not have to worry that your PC or laptop is not compatible with it.
I love using LightScribe Template Labeler for Windows because it's a program that I can use to make my own labels for CDs. It comes with tons of templates so you don't have to do a lot of the artistic design work yourself, though you can certainly customize your labels if you so desire using any of the editing tools that are available on the program.
LightScribe Template Labeler as the name suggests is one of the best solutions when it comes to labeling templates today. There have been various copies of this software but even those users have to revert back to the original because of some extra features like no restriction of using the only templates that are provided to be used. Other duplicator software are still using the same .Isi formats which are the original file formats of LightScribe Template labeler. The developer uploads updated tutorial videos as well to inform its users about new updates and latest techniques that can be used by the software.
A software that allows one to put labels in a disc either DVD or CD using lightScribed enabled DVD drive,. This software requires a lightScribed special disc so as to enable the laser lights to label the disc. For the The software to works, it requires system and labelling software. The software has enabled people to create any label that want without being limited by the existing lightScibe templates provided
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