SWF Editor

by www.swf-editor.com

This is a flash editor that allows you to edit SWF Files.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: www.swf-editor.com

Release: SWF Editor 5.3.1400

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This software can do just about anything from exporting scripts and other files to converting XML files and FLAs. You can replace images and sounds.  Makes extracting files easy and has a user-friendly interface that can be used by anyone even if they are not very computer literate. It supports flash 5-10 and flex. It also has a dump view feature.  Flash video can be exported, and text files can be converted.   It’s basically a huge source to convert any file type you would like. There is a multi-window interface that allows users to multitask to complete work faster and simplify a workload.  This allows you to do a comparison while you work and allows you to use multiple screens, so you can work faster. This product would be great for music producers and even video editors or YouTube content creators.  


  • Works with all OS Systems
  • User-Friendly 
  • Converts most file types
  • Multi-Interface 

SWF Editor is a flash tool that everyone should be using. I have downloaded it myself so that I can convert some audio files over to MP3, so I can make me a cd. I can listen to that cd in my car. I can also use it to open files I may not have the software to open like XML files. Though this is just some of the many uses that this software has, there is no limit to what you could do with it. SWF Editor is one of the best in my opinion and I don't think many people will find another like it.  One of the best things about SWF Editor is that it can convert picture files and that is useful because it can allow you to format them for web sites, Photodisc to pass out at a wedding and many other uses. Download SWF Editor today!  

Can do a conversion from SWF to FLA even XMLs

Cost Nothing 

James Edison
Flash is basically dead these days, but unfortunately it remains part of my job and it gets harder and harder to find maintained software packages to work on swf formats. SWF Editor is not always the easiest solution, but at least it will always provide a method to do things the old fashion way (manually)
SWF Editor would be an excellent resource for YouTube videos and music producers alike because of its touted functionality and ease of use. That is pretty cool that it allows you to utilize multiple screens. This product sounds interesting but the description actually is not specific enough to tell me exactly what this software does. It says it is easy enough for those not computer literate but there are a lot of abbreviations that those people would not understand. Also, the personal review portion on the second part isn't labelled as such and the switch is abrupt. Please capitalize "cd" to "CD." Maybe also an alternative phrasing to "Cost Nothing."
The software already mentioned is quite useful, you can do almost anything you want, such as exporting scripts and other files, we can even convert files to XML and FLA. I think it's a very useful and good software.
Callum Liang
Converting SWF files has always been a pain for me, but now it has become a very simple process with this software. On top of allowing me to convert the file, it also lets me modify certain aspect such as the text before converting, useful software that saves me a lot of time.
SWF Editor gives a good way for developers to edit tag values and make fast changes.Getting rid off Adobe Flash tool The quite hectic stage is timeline,layer and instead just open SWF file used to see all the tags and binary data. It can also be previewed finally to check results unless other files like GLS cannot previewed.
SWF Editor for Windows allows you to make edits to pictures, audio, formatting styles, and text in a simple and seamless way. There's no need to convert your SWF file to a different format, because SWF Editor gives you the ability to make edits to flash elements directly in the program interface. You can also view any changes that you're making in a preview mode so you can be sure you're happy with the edits.
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