by Naver

Allows for the making of free voice calls and sending messages easily

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Naver

Antivirus check: passed

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LINE is a popular multi-platform messenger that also supports VOIP-telephony. The program has a whole set of different tools that allow you to communicate comfortably with your friends, relatives and colleagues. In addition to exchanging text messages, the application supports the transmission of graphical images, as well as providing the other party with information about your current location. There are built-in smiley sets that can be used to express emotions.

The graphical interface of LINE is well thought-out and beautifully designed, so it is very pleasant to work with the messenger. Currently, the program is especially widely used by users of various mobile devices based on the operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but the version of the application for personal computers is not inferior to its portable analogues. The client is distributed free of charge.

- text messaging and image exchange;

- VOIP telephony support;

- availability of versions of the program, both for mobile devices and for a personal computer;

- pleasant and practical user interface;

- distribution free of charge.

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I find that LINE seems to advertise itself as a secure and free platform. There is some functionality that I question if it is actually free or if there are fees involved for certain features, like Letter Sealing. I fail to see where this fills in the gap that other software doesn't. If the consumer is not paying for the product, it is safe to assume they are the product and the product is not as secure as it lets on. If the software is paid, what is it offering that Zoom or Teams doesn't? I think LINE needs to offer up more functionality to tear people away from the software they are already comfortable with.
Line for windows is one of the communication apps. its around the all world. In this apps allowed free voice call and free video calls and messages. This apps is communicate on others. This Type of apps used for windows and MACs. Installation in very easily. So line for windows is allowed for communicate on worldwide. its very useful apps so more than peoples used for this type free software. So line for windows software is is most used for PC.
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