Vypress Chat

by VyPRESS Research, LLC

User friendly chat for windows servers accessible

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: VyPRESS Research, LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Vypress Chat is a handy application for chatting between people. The program is designed for small local networks, such as an office or home network (SOHO). This is a unique software that has an intuitive interface for communication between two or more people, as well as for creating press conferences, seminars or any other groups in the chat room. Vypress Chat does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server, and all users have the same access to the tools and functions of the program. With Vypress Chat, users can exchange messages with information about joint projects, and managers can send reminders to individual employees, departments and the company as a whole.

The program does not require network administration!

The company "VyPRESS" understands that most local area networks (LANs) do not have a professional network administrator who would install the software and instruct users. Therefore, the main goal of the company "VyPRESS" is to create a program Vypress Chat, which does not require network administration. To do this, the company deliberately excluded certain improved features so that the user could start working in Vypress Chat immediately after installing the program. Now, to create the easiest and most convenient "communication environment" for your local network you just need to install a brand new Vypress Chat!

After installation, Vypress Chat starts automatically and all windows and corresponding icons are added to the notification area. Immediately after startup, all users of the Vypress Chat network join the shared communication channel (#Main). In addition, the channel can create its own completely private channels to discuss any private issues. Users can also send messages to their online friends at any time (all users on your network can see who is on the Vypress Chat network). Users can send and receive instant messages and start communicating immediately after installing Vypress Chat.

There could be value in this app since it does not require users to have internet access (beside for downloading). I think its original in the sense that users would only have to be in a workspace or LAN connection for communication. There is even the option to contact through the internet, but contacting without internet is what makes this product stand out.
Vypress Chat provides a dedicated chat client for people wanting to connect seamlessly over a LAN setup. It is fully compatible with TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols. It is easy to use and setup and there are no extra steps involved post installation to make it work. It provides all the basic features a chat client would provide. Including a list of the people connected, user status messages like "Available", "Busy", "Away" Etc. It keeps a track of the conversations in an organized XML file if that is required by the users later. There is no requirement for a dedicated server that makes it even more easier to install and manage. This is a must have feature for any network where users need to interact securely without any issues.
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