Pamela for Skype

by Scendix Software GmbH

Allows for audio and video software for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Scendix Software GmbH

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pamela for Skype is a Skype helper program that extends its functionality and provides automatic recording of video and audio calls. Also supported are text logging, grouping of records, answering machine functions, conference management and much more.

After installing and authorizing the application in Skype, Pamela will monitor all user activity and manage most of the standard actions, save correspondence, record conversations in audio and video formats, with the ability to manage the recordings through the program interface. If necessary, you can set up Skype's behavior when the user is away: Pamela can automatically answer calls, play a pre-recorded audio message, and record the subscriber's message, just as she can do with text messages.

Among its functionalities you can mention the scheduler, birthday reminders, the possibility of combining contacts into groups, expanding the set of smileys and the library of sounds. Pamela for Skype is available in several editions, from the free version to the commercial business edition with extended functionality and sharpened for corporate use.

- a call recording;

- Record Skype video (paid version);

- Record Skype chat (in paid version);

- a call transfer;

- a powerful mood editor;

- an answering machine;

- video chatting;

- automatic answer in the chat room;

- a birthday reminder;

- E-mail forwarding (in a paid version);

- personalization of contacts (in paid version);

- automatic start of the application (in a paid version);

- a callback directly from Pamela;

- Compatible with any sound card and USB phone;

- support for 34 languages.

The Pamela for Skype program is and effective and competent product. The Pamela for Skype is a virtual assistant for exclusive Skype users only. It reminds the users of Siri that is used for Apple products such as mobile phones and computers. The Pamela for Skype is a free service and has additional services for corporate useages.
Pamela for skype you will be offer quite a number of things to be in charge of such as setting up the answering machine with your outing messages plus record all your Skype calls without limitations (Video and audio) in good high quality sound.
I searched for a way to simply and easily record my Skype calls for months. Pamela was the first one I found that really worked. Having the answering machine function also is a huge plus. One more thing that I don't have to worry about! I can even personalize my contact list. The options are honestly endless with Pamela for Skype. I am truly impressed by this great product.
The software product is an amazing product and I am glad that I use it because it has helped me a lot. I am able to record all of my calls whether they are audio or video calls. Also I use the software to automatically answer calls for me and I like that feature very much because when someone calls me they will automatically be connected to me without me having to manually answer the call.
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