Logger Pro

by Vernier Software

A PC monitoring tool with built in parental controls, web filters and keystroke recording.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Vernier Software

Release : Logger Pro 7.2.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Logger Pro is a comprehensive PC monitoring tool equipped with built-in parental controls and web filters. It operates invisibly in the background, cataloguing keystrokes, clipboard logs, internet activity and application usage. Additionally, Logger Pro is capable of taking periodic screenshots of ongoing activities. These features make Logger Pro an ideal solution for supervising your children or employees' PC usage when you're not around.

Logger Pro's user-friendly and attractive interface allows both average and advanced users to easily control the tool. Moreover, the exclusive Smart Read feature makes keystroke logs easily readable by cleverly replacing key strokes such as spaces and backspace keys.

  • Discreet monitoring of keystrokes, clipboard logs, internet activity and application usage.
  • Ability to periodically take screenshots.
  • Unique Smart Read function that makes keystroke logs easily readable.
  • Built-in parental controls including web filtering, web blocking and application blocking.
  • Report generation sent via Email, FTP, LAN, or USB in the form of encrypted files or HTML reports.

You can easily adjust Logger Pro's settings to fit your requirements. You can set specific monitoring for certain users, applications and at certain times. You can also configure Logger Pro to automatically uninstall itself on a certain date without being detected by the user.

Logger Pro allows for comprehensive and discreet monitoring of PC activity, ideal for supervision of children or employees.

Logger Pro's embedded parental controls include web filtering, web blocking and application blocking, which can all be programmed to operate at specific times if required. Web filtering can filter websites based on their textual content. These filters can automatically block websites in categories such as pornography, gambling, weapons, alcohol, drugs, and more. They can also block social networking websites and video sharing websites if needed. Web blocking can either block or allow a set of user-defined websites. Logger Pro's application blocking feature can disable applications on the local machine.

The reports generated by Logger Pro can be sent to you via Email, FTP, LAN, or USB as encrypted files or HTML reports. Encrypted files may require a private key for opening, while HTML reports can be password protected. You can also export all logs locally for backup purposes. However, the remote monitoring functionalities are only available on the Pro version.

Requires Windows 7 or higher
Minimum 2GB of RAM
Minimum 50MB of free disk space
Internet connection for remote monitoring and report generation

Offers comprehensive PC monitoring including internet and application usage.
Includes user-friendly interface with unique Smart Read function.
Equipped with built-in parental controls and web filters.

Can slow down the system when capturing high-resolution screenshots.
Limited remote monitoring functionalities in non-pro versions.
No built-in antivirus or malware detection capabilities.
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