Malwarebytes Secure Backup

by Malwarebytes

Online Backup with anti-virus protection

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Malwarebytes

Release: Malwarebytes Secure Backup 1.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Nowadays, it's difficult to save food items from viruses. In the same way, it is so difficult to save our personal files from online hackers and their release of viruses. Saving them in physical format is too difficult since they occupy much amount of space. In order to satisfy the two problems, the one solution is  Malwarebytes Secure Backup.

Purchasing anti-virus software and external Hard disk results in extremely high in price. To compensate this, a single software that can back up the files and protects them from viruses is  Malwarebytes Secure Backup.


Malwarebytes Secure Backup is the cloud based online backup platform which can save physical memory with anti-virus protection. Hence it is a two in one purpose platform.
  • Online Backup
  • Can Backup unlimited files
  • Backup Automatically
  • Recover Deleted file
  • any Browser can support this
  • Email Reports
  • External and Network Drive supported
  • Three-tier encryption
  • Private key encryption
  • File selection wizard support
  • multiple file versioning

There is no worry about hardware crashes, damage, and even theft. By remembering the username and password, we can be able to access from anywhere in the world and anytime. On the spot of file creation, we can be able to save the file very live, so each and every part of the file is saved without any loss of the file.

It automatically backup our important documents such as music, photo, video, word, excel, and even any type of file formats. Additionally, it guarantees the file protection and protects from online hackers that can steal and protect from dangerous coded viruses. We can be able to receive regular email updates that our file is safe enough. We can able to recover the deleted file too. Any browser in the world can support this by logging in. If we wish, we can set up an external drive and network drive too. Our protected file is encrypted by three-tier encryption. If we want to overwrite a particular file in a new format, old format without correction is also saved in which we can retrieve the information whenever we want.

OS support: Windows above Windows vista, Android above jelly bean, IOS above 6.1.3

Hardware Support: Above 256MB RAM

Language Support: English


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