Marvelous Designer

A design software that is used to make 3d virtual clothing

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This product uses state of the art technology in order to create extremely high-end virtual clothing. Some of these "clothes" can be the scene in top game studios like EA Konami and in big movies like The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tin Tin. The comprehensive, versatile compatibility associated with this product sets it apart from its' predecessors. This product is able to copy fabric textures and real-life properties to the smallest, minute details located in the real world. Marvelous Designer sets out to do a very specific job and does it extremely well. 


  • Faster than ever before, matching clients' talent and creativity.
  • Ability to expand the specific character's wardrobes with any type of occasion in mind, making variety an essential part of the product.
  • No experience in fashion needed to use and enjoy this product, it is easy and simple for anyone to jump on and use the tools.
  • There are several intricate details to further enhance wardrobes.
  • Easy to use software allowing almost anyone to benefit from the product use.
  • Ability to augment capabilities with existing software tools, allowing simultaneous use of multiple products.
  • There is a life simulation for animation ensuring you are getting where you need to go.
  • A revolutionization of 3d virtual clothing through pattern creation and editing.

All in all, the Marvelous Designer software seems to fit a very specific niche in the field of constructing digital clothing for games, movies, television, etc. It has all the right features and requirements necessary to help creative artists actualize their vision for the content at hand. At a fair price point, and fairly low user requirements, Marvelous Designer enhances and compliments the digital field extremely well, making it a strong product when used for the design purposes.

Versatile compatibility and interactive design.
It is a good software for making any kind of design anyone can imagine. It is easy to use and I would highly recommend to anyone with a sense of fashion as it would give them the space to explore their creativity and inner art. It is also a big help to the fashion industry as people will not need to cut up fabric in order to experiment their new designs and in doing so, even saving time and material.
Marvelous Designer for Windows enables realistic cloth designing in 3D. The software also have a capability to simulate how the cloth reacts to the wearer's movements. The software makes it look easy enough for novice user to whip up some designs.
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