by Ales Hvezda

A free, open-source software to check errors or imperfections in the PCB designs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ales Hvezda

Release : Gerbv 2.7

Antivirus check: passed

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As an electronic industry individual, you may need to analyze errors or issues in PCB designs. GerbV is a software solution that can help you with that. It is mainly designed for users who understand PCB designs and want to visualize individual layers. With its user-friendly interface, you can avail yourself of its advanced features to check the design and see if it meets the desired specifications.

This software allows users to open Gerber files, analyze them, print them, or share them in different formats. To export these files conveniently, it includes PDF, PNG, SVG, and PS file formats. Along with the viewing and exporting features, it also provides various measurement tools and analysis features for PCB designs. The measurements may include distances, width, height, diameter, etc.


  • It is an efficient tool to view and analyze the Gerber files(RS-274X) with the help of a user-friendly interface.
  • The software allows you to visualize individual layers instead of just viewing the overall designs.
  • You can check and highlight the errors in the designs that don’t align with the decided specifications.
  • GerbV allows its users to print the Gerber files whenever they need it.
  • This sophisticated software enables you to export Gerber files in different formats, including PNG, SVG, PS, PostScript, RS-274X, and PDF.
  • Measurement tools like distance, diameter, height, or width are used to check the specifications of the Printed Circuit Board designs.
  • With this software, you can use the PCB design analysis features, including rotation, zooming in and out, changing the background color, saving active layers, etc.

Besides the formats mentioned above, you can also export Gerber files as Excellon drill files. GerbV allows you to open multiple designs at a time, with one over the other. This makes it easy to take measurements or compare the two circuit designs.

You can change the measurements between centimeters, inches, or millimeters as needed. So, why not use this open-source, efficient, and user-friendly software for regular analysis of your PCB designs? The installation and setup are easy and compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11.

GerbV is a handy option for viewing and analyzing the Gerber files on Windows used in the electronic industry to describe PCB designs.
1. Operating system: Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X.
2. Basic knowledge of PCB design and Gerber files.
3. Printer for printing Gerber files (optional).

Supports both Gerber and Excellon files viewing.
Provides multilanguage support for global accessibility.
Open-source software inviting continual evolution.

Limited documentation can make learning curve steep for new users.
Lack of advanced features compared to paid alternatives.
Occasional bugs due to open-source nature and continuous development.
Gerbv 2.7 (5.43 MB)
Gerbv 10 (22.94 MB)
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