Piano Marvel

by Piano Marvel

Home piano teaching and learning tool for all ages

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Piano Marvel

Release: Piano Marvel 10.20

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Piano Marvel for Windows is a fun and exciting piano teaching software. You can learn in a straight-ahead fashion, or you can do it in a more playful mode with prizes and trophies awarded for achievement levels. This makes the learning experience adaptable for children, adults, and everyone in between.

Spoken prompts and illustrations are used to teach lessons with this software. Every section is broken down into 20 lessons. The sections help to focus on one area that needs to be learned. You can even start off learning to read the music if that is where your skill level is at. Piano Marvel will get you playing right away in your first lesson. If you had tried to learn piano before but became bored by the long preliminary sessions of memorizing notes and finger placement and theory, maybe this software is the solution for you. The lessons are broken up into two categories. Technique and method, both areas have been developed to speed learning and help you focus on the proper areas for your level of progress. 

After the software is purchased and downloaded, you can access it in two different ways. You can use a link that can also generate a shortcut for your desktop, or you can go directly to the website they have set up.

The game-like format of this tool helps keep learning the piano fun and exciting

  • Track lessons with Midi compatibility.
  • Scoring and Trophy Awards.
  • Huge accessible music library.
  • Monthly or Yearly Memberships

One of the best features included in the E-mail access you will have to teachers and developers. They will be available to help you troubleshoot any problems you may have with the application or installation. The best function of the E-mail feature though, is the ability to request a song that you want to learn. You can also reach out to them by phone, and they have a large FAQ section to help. 

Prices run from a 12 to 15 dollar per month membership, up to a 99 dollar yearly subscription.

Al Avery
Piano Marvel is an interesting teaching tool. It can track lessons with Midi compatibility, provide scoring and trophy awards, has a huge accessible music library, and provides monthly or yearly memberships. Each section in the program is broken down with 20 lessons and you have constant email support with teachers and developers. All in all this seems like a very versatile and adaptable tool to learn piano for children and adults alike.
I wanted to learn piano but my lessons were canceled due to recent world events. I found myself searching for ways to learn Piano online and I found out about Piano Marvel for Windows. It turns out to be a highly rated software for learning piano and the best part is you can do it from home. You can even learn to play the piano whether you have a PC or a Mac.
The Piano Marvel for Windows is an excellent application that allows for one to use a virtual piano. While it is a great service for windows laptops and PC's, it is also available in an app. The versatility that this program offers is unmatched and definitely provides for a piece of excellent music-making experience. It seems as though it is a great program.
Piano Marvel for Windows is an amazing program to complement those who are eager to learn piano. It has a bunch of lesson showing you techniques and giving you new songs at your level to increase your repertoire. It even has an iPad application so you can put it on top of your piano and learn as you play with ease, aside from the Windows application. The amount of lessons it comes with is great for those really wanting to start playing but without knowing where to begin or continue.
Piano Marvel for windows is the best application that helps us to learn how to play the piano on your PC, iPad, or Mac. It is very useful for the users to learn and play it like a piano artist. It is an online learning process that helps to play with a MIDI keyboard. It is taught by the piano teachers who will teach us and reach us to achieve our goals. It is easy-to-use software. It has very advanced piano lessons and music sheets were provided in the application.
I'm a huge fan of Piano Marvel for Windows because it's a program that can be used to master the piano online. Learning an instrument virtually can certainly be a tough challenge to tackle, but I appreciate that this program was developed by piano professionals who really know their craft and want to share it with others in a manner that is intuitive.
Piano software has proven to be arguably the best affordable tool for anyone seeking to improve and grow their art in music. The easy to navigate interface plus a wide variety of music allows the user to experience first hand learning and master essential skills. One of the cool features piano marvel offers, is the ability for the user to upload their own arrangements, this in-turn ensures that you actually get to practice what you learn. I would highly recommend Piano Marvel for Windows to anyone seeking the adventure to become knowledgeable and ultimately master the art of playing the piano from the comfort of their own setting.
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