RealWorld Cursor Editor

by RealWorld Graphics

A software that allows users to unleash their creativity by creating unique cursors.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RealWorld Graphics

Release: RealWorld Cursor Editor 2013.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RealWorld Cursor Editor lets users create or customize their cursors. Users can create cursors from images, animated cursors, multi-resolution cursors, and even customize already existing cursors. Users can also build an online portfolio to gain feedback from others.


  • Image edit built-in for easy and fast editing. No photoshop or other image editing software needed
  • Portable edition for no-installs. Just run the program to start unleashing your creativity
  • Create an online portfolio. Showcase the different cursors you make
  • Animate your cursors. Bring joy to the already dull cursor.

RealWorld Cursor Editor is a great software to turn the boring Windows cursor into something unique and exciting. Since you'll be looking at the cursor a lot, might as well make it your own! With a built-in image editor, it's easy to customize the built-in cursors or import an image of your own. It contains tools such as line, ellipse, rectangle, and image effects such as drop shadow, bevel, fill, and a lot more. It also supports features such as layering and smooth selections.

It has its own image editor built-in.

All types of cursors can be created and customized from your regular arrow pointer to the text cursor, and even to the busy spinner cursor. All these can be tailored to your liking. Also, add animations to the busy spinner to show while your computer is busy doing something.

Creating an online portfolio is also great to showcase your cursors to the world. Gain feedback from users to find out which cursors work for them and which don't. Who knows, someone might even take deep interest and be interested in purchasing a cursor from you. Having an online portfolio is also an excellent way for collaboration with other cursor-makers and gain great ideas.

With a modern, portable file, RealWorld Cursor Editor does not need to be installed. No Administrator privileges are required and will work on most systems. Simply unzip the file and run the executable file to start creating and customizing cursors.

RealWorld Cursor Editor is free of charge to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Donations are much accepted to help keep the software alive.

Aaron Yates
RealWorld cursor editor is a utility that lets the user create and customize their own cursors from images, existing sources, and animated cursors. It has built in image editing and doesn't require any outside software. The software also allows you to build an online portfolio to share your cursors to collaborate with and receive from others. The software is portable and requires no installation.
i loved the logo of this software.helps to unleash the creativity of users in ther cursors. amazinng features! loved the additional info as well.very professional.the name is simply nea. RealWorld Cursor Editor by RealWorld Graphics.
its a program for building customized cursors instead of using traditional cursors for example you could make a spider cursor and have it move around as your pointer when using your mouse.
RealWorld Cursor Editor is a highly customizable freeware cursor editing application software available on most windows platforms. It helps you to conveniently edit your mouse cursor into more attractive icons for use on your computer/laptop. It has a clean user interface and is very easy to use. It features various functions from resizing cursors to adding different features like water effects. You can also add tigerskin textures. It is a very powerful bit of software that should help you complete all your cursor editing activities. It comes highly recommended.
Daniel Fry
software prides itself on RealWorld Cursor Editor has a wizard for quick conversions and an integrated animation editor to deal with problematic images.
I absolutely love the RealWorld Cursor Editor since I work so much with pictures. The Cursor Editor allows you to create your own cursors out of major image file types such as PING and JPG. Other image file types that are supported include BMP and GIFs. You can also make your own animated cursors from several images. Custom cursors like these are a must for my editing and design work.
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