Memory Booster

by Derick Payne

A RAM monitor to determine application and process usage

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Derick Payne

Release: Memory Booster

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Memory Booster functions to easily allow users to perform a wide variety of tasks from easing up and lowering RAM memory used to working with virtual memory and swapping files on a hard drive. Memory Booster works to ensure that the device does not run out of memory so that users can work with different things such as using a clean re-boot and other things. It allows users to work with a RAM booster, which lets users monitor RAM and perform other tasks such as monitoring usage, which can become critically high or low and needs to be assessed. It allows users to set thresholds for when to monitor CPU and RAM usage so that users can easily see what processes or programs are taking up the bulk of RAM. It allows users to easily trigger functions that work to free up memory and data used. It also allows users to work with newly opened files and data so that they can be switched or modified in accordance with other older files.

Memory Booster also has other features such as very fast and running programs such as games that can be used while doing other things. It allows users to work with a wide variety of functions and options in order to set up full-screen capture and other things as well. I would highly recommend this program for not only assessing RAM usage and memory but also for assessing the best ways to actually free up memory and optimize your device in this aspect. New programs can then be scanned to determine usage, and older programs can then be swapped or removed altogether in order to optimize your device.


Application swapping, as well as determining which applications use the most RAM
  • RAM usage monitor
  • Application swapping
  • Analyze new programs for RAM usage
  • RAM booster compatible
  • Optimize usage on device
I have upgraded my tablet memory with an SD chip from SanDisk, so this Memory Booster for Windows is a good idea. It seems more sophisticated, because it is the first such product of this type that I know of with onboard defrag capabilities.Most systems nowadays, especially the WiFi connected systems, require a LOT of memory, so this is a product I would use.
Memory Booster For Windows is a standard memory boosting application software. This application helps to increase the speed of your system and it automatically scan and cleanup the process. It is a freeware application. It does not force any memory from RAM. It works differently and make windows safe by windows API call. This application optimize RAM very effectively.
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