Memory Cleaner 2.60

Free up memory (RAM) on your computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: Memory Cleaner 2.60 2.60

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Recently I had a pop up telling me "The memory on your computer is low".I started researching for something to help recover some RAM and found Memory 2.60. The Memory 2.60 program recovers memory and it's very easy.  Unlike other cleaning programs this one uses functions already built into Windows so it won't affect the performance of your computer.

It doesn't get any easier than clicking on Memory 2.60 from your system tray to start the process, no need to open any window to start the program. You won't even know it is working until you are provided with an alert that lets you know how much RAM has been recovered.

Your computers system cache can build up over time as you use your computer with out you knowing. This can cause the computer to run slower even while running just your regular programs. Clearing the system cache will improve the computers processing speed while freeing up much needed space. If you computer is using more than 60% RAM then you should definitely be using Memory 2.60 on a regular basis. You can set this to run when Windows launches and it will run quietly in the background cleaning up the computer. 

 Many other cleaners only work on older systems. Memory 2.60 runs on all of the newer Windows systems as well as the older systems. This is a free program that is a very effective way to recover memory and clean up your computer all with one click.  

Provides a log of memory usage, such as average use, maxium and minium use.


  • Memory 2.60 is available as a free download for Window users.
  • Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • Cleans up system cache.
  • Ability to set the program to automatically clean memory.
  • Very easy to use.

It's so easy you should be using Memory 2.60 to keep your system running at it's optimum speed everyday.

William Lloyd
Looks like a very reliable program to clean up your PC. If you are running out of memory this would be a great way to clean things up a bit. I also love how it shows you a log of memory usage (max/min.). Very nice product. I really love how it runs on most versions of windows!
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