WD Discovery

by Western Digital

Manages Western Digital Drives and the data on them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Western Digital

Release: WD Discovery 3.2.256

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9902

WD Discovery is the first party tool that comes packaged with Western Digital (WD) storage solutions. It serves multiple functions including drive management, data security, device registration, software updates and support, and cloud support storage. WD Discovery is unique because it offers a streamlined and first-party solution to managing WD storage devices, accessories, and storage systems.

On the drive management side of the application, you can access information like capacity, free space, and the drive status. Some important drive safety settings included are managing RAID configurations and setting passwords on drives. You may also use WD Discovery to eject drives for safe removal.

WD Discovery also has some cloud storage functionality. Included is support for WD My Cloud devices. These devices allow for personal cloud storage functionality that may be accessed remotely virtually anywhere with an internet connection. WD Discovery also allows for import from cloud storage services and social media (Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.)

The software offers updates to itself, WD devices, and affiliated applications. It also aids in registering WD drives for support and update purposes. There are WD Backup, device management, and security applications (and more) that may be launched with WD Discovery. They also have lists of partnered applications, like Adobe Creative Cloud.

It centralizes management of many aspects of WD Drives into one place and makes it easer to manage and secure cloud and local data


  • Centralizes the management of multiple WD devices and systems
  • Easy access to the status of WD devices
  • Offers software updates, documentation, and product registration support
  • Can import data from cloud storage services - like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon Drive - or social media
  • Can be used to secure drive access with a password
  • Offers installed applications that address backup, drive utilities, and security
  • Supports 18 different languages

WD Discovery has a strong potential to offer a streamlined guide to access a wide range of functionality with WD Products. It serves to make using and managing WD Products much more accessible. Due to the prominence of WD products, WD Discovery may be useful for those who have one or more WD devices.

Support for Mac OSx or Windows

Free (available to download or installer comes on/with WD Drives)

Napoleon Busano (unverified)
WD Discovery is a tool but uses the cloud to sync all of your Western Device hard drives. Until other companies this is the firs of many that use cloud storage as well a hard storage an example being a external hard drive. This would be very helpful for those on the move like businessmen and women. I would recommend this product to anyone like the people i described above as well as college students.
MARVIN (unverified)
WD Discovery is a security and a number one brand in storage products. They have a world renowned name and Fame. With the latest updates and cloud storage options the functionality, capability and friendly uses. This is how they stand in the minds and technology. This upgraded versions give much more penetration in the digital world which is why it has become a trusted brand with Security options.
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