by RMPrepUSB

Make your USB drive bootable, Windows compatible, partitioning and managing portable drive

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RMPrepUSB

Release: RMPrepUSB 2.1.741

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RMPrepUSB works for Windows users. It allows them to easily and quickly create their own multiboot USB drive. It also allows users to quickly test, partition, format, install a boot manager, or extract/copy files and test a multiboot USB bootable drive. It also can make or restore an image.


  • Easily create a multiboot USB drive
  • Test, partition, format multiboot USB Bootable drive
  • Install a boot manager or extract/copy files a multiboot USB bootable drive
  • Test multiboot USB Bootable drive
  • Make or restore an image (usually image refers to a drive)
  • Save files up to 10% faster if you formatted your drive

RMPrepUSB is a software that is specifically designed to help users create and manage a multiboot USB drive. Their website contains a wealth of knowledge on how to get started and use the software including many video tutorials. The software can be used to format any USB storage device or USB hard disk as a bootable device. Does not work on USB Floppy drives. You can also partition drives and it works on non-USB drives.

Only other utilities like YUMI or XBOOT, RMPrepUSB supports every different ISO or image

The website also has a bug report page that allows users to report bugs and see when those bugs are fixed. The latest release of RMPrepUSB was on January 13, 2018 (v2.1.740). The latest full release of RMPrepUSB was on December 17, 2013. The latest stable release was before February of 2017.

Perhaps one of the cores user features is putting an operating system on an external portable drive and making it readable and bootable by Windows. Thus you can have different versions of Windows or some the have personal configurations that you can plug and play into other Widows supported machines.

RMPrepUSB 2.1 (2.61 MB)
RMPrepUSB 2.1.741 (9.76 MB)
Farid Rajabi
In my opinion, this program has interesting features, but it is not a program that everyone wants to followThe little people will need it, but this program is very special in its kind
Andrew Massie
RMPrepUSB for Windows is a front end GPU for the command line program called RMPartUSB. This means that it displays a user-friendly interface that doesn't rely on the user typing in commands. It allows you to create bootable USB drives.
RMPrep looks like a pretty useful tool to help the user create multiboot USB drives. Providing a graphic user interface, it makes it more visually understandable than if you were forced to use the command line or PowerShell. It can also do neat things like test boot drives to see if they are malicious or not without booting into them first.
RMPrepUSB is a useful software to help consumers format and be able to boot from USB devices. If you have ever needed the convience of a boot device from your USB drive, RMPrepUSB is the tool for you, as it is superior to doing so from a CD-ROM or other methods. This is the new go-to software for consumers.
RMPrepUSB is a good program to partition and format USB Drives. It runs under a Windows 32-bit architecture. This program has the ability to repair boot code, edit sectors and fix numerous issues associated with the vagaries of this process. I have found that running RMPrepUSB actually speeds up the formatting process with SD cards as well. I am not the best at this task and this program makes it easy!
RMPrep USB is software used to make your usb port bootable which is very important while you install any operating system through pen drive or hard disk this software ids very easy to install and use it has a very unique graphical user interface which helps in software to act effectively to read format copy and reboot device it comes with tutorial which helps in understanding the software better and have al the FAQ's answered
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