by SoftConstructors

Mext is a B2B software that allows you to make metaverse.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SoftConstructors

Release : Mext 1.6

Antivirus check: passed

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In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg popularized the term, metaverse among the masses. This allowed businesses to see the potential of creating their metaverses. Generally, this word is used for a virtual shared space where people interact using their avatars. However, making your metaverse (without coding knowledge) can be tricky. This is where the Mext software comes in. 

Coding is not required to use this software. This allows non-tech people to leverage the virtual opportunity without learning technical jargon. Mext UI offers simple navigation. There’s an option to add panels, audio, chat, images, 3D models, and other data in just one click. On the footer section of the homepage, different language options are given. Users can adjust several settings that include notification preferences, language settings, and privacy options.


A virtual 3D immersive environment can be created using Mext without prior coding knowledge.

  • Mext creates an immersive and unique experience for customers.
  • 3D metaverses can be made using pre-made templates or customized from scratch.
  • Compatible with MetaQuest VR devices.
  • Can be used on all devices. Mext has an app for Android and Apple phones.
  • AI matchmaking connects businesses with experts for valuable insights.
  • Allows businesses to partner up with experts.
  • Can add chat rooms and spatial audio to the metaverse.
  • Meetups and live events can be organized using Mext.
  • Have the option to embed spaces in your website.
  • Paid plans give real-time statistics dashboard.
  • Avatars are included in all pricing plans (including freemium).
  • Freeverse plan costs nothing and provides several features.
  • Other plans include discovery, explorer, professional, and custom (in ascending price order)


People from large enterprises to small businesses are the target market of Mext. Some of the businesses they work with include: Metaverse Fashion Council, Mulhim, Secure-IC, Qatium, Oasis Smart-SIM, etc.

Other than metaverse-related tools, Mext provides solutions for Web 3.0 as well. This SaaS platform also uses AI integration. Their artificially intelligent algorithms allow matchmaking. This connects businesses with suitable experts who can provide their insights on this ecosystem. So use this software and start your metaverse journey right away!

Operating system: Windows 7 or later.
Minimum 2 GB of RAM.
At least 50 MB of free hard disk space.
.NET Framework 4.0 or higher installed.

Versatile tool suitable for creating programming aids and technical documentation.
Facilitates the generation of HTML pages, CHM files, and plain text.
Content creation becomes efficient, adhering to specific pre-defined styles.

Not a WYSIWYG editor; final product may look different.
Lacks user-friendly interface compared to mainstream word processors.
Limited aesthetic customization options for documents.