by SourceTree

A Git GUI to simplify coding.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SourceTree

Release: SourceTree 3.1.3

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91178

SourceTree simplifies how you interact with your Git repositories. With an amazingly simple interface and display, it takes away most of the aesthetically inducing headaches you would normally get from coding. Using the program's bookmarks can get you a real-time look at all of your projects and repositories as well as being able to switch into the changesets graph to see between changesets across branches and forks.

SourceTree is aimed at absolutely everyone; It's for the Git newbies and the veterans as well. Not only is it simple enough for a newbie to pick it up, but it's also complex and easy enough to help a veteran switch to a faster and less condensed way to code. Behind a firewall or in the cloud, Git coding can be done virtually anywhere and with greater speed than before.


SourceTree simplifies and gives the coding program clean lines to be able to read.

  • Review changesets, stash, cherry-pick between branches and more.
  • A full-featured GUI that offers an efficient, consistent development process right out of the box.

In conclusion for SourceTree, it truly is a remarkable program that can change the lives of Git coding for veterans and help jumpstart a Git newbie. The interface of this program can be simplified, but simply does not take away its powerful tools. Coding can begin in the cloud, creating and applying patches on the fly, and so much more at your fingertips. SourceTree is definitely a must-have program for those working and coding with Git, whether it's their first time picking it up or their thousandth branch in the coding tree. SourceTree is easy to be used by all and encourages greater understanding through its simple interface display.

Noah (unverified)
Looks like a nice, user friendly product. Getting into coding is so difficult, and this would be helpful for people who are just starting off, as well as someone who has been sitting at a computer all day, eyes crossing at all the code they've been working on.
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