by mIRC Co Ltd

A program that allows you to chat with others in group or private

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: mIRC Co Ltd

Release: mIRC 7.61

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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For those who are somewhat older like me, the early days of internet chat consisted of going through telnet to find a BBS (Bulletin Board System) and joining into a chat room for private or group chat from there. While those days of nearly 25 years ago are a long and distant memory, people still love to chat online! Obviously, tools like Messenger are all the thing now. But for people who are looking for ease of use in connecting to different chat rooms across the world based on topic, then mIRC for Windows is an excellent tool to get you started on your intellectual journey or just a trip to meet new people and make friends! This program has been around in various incarnations for many years and keeps improving with each update. This one is no different!

First off is the price, as per the usual. This is very affordable after a trial period, only the princely sum of $20 to get a license for use. If you are relatively new to chat, the user interface is pretty simple to use. It's Windows, after all, and right away, you are given a multitude of chat rooms to pick from depending on the topic. This list is alterable to keep your favorites and discard those that have no use for you. If you like to multitask, the chat windows are easily spread out to maintain your voice. However, many you feel you want. While it does take some skill to get used to the somewhat bland interface, it is fairly easy to learn, and once mastered, you'll be hooked, and when that free time comes your way, you'll be engaged in conversation for hours on end.


Gives you multiple choices of groups to pick from to chat with.
  • Easy to download and install
  • Pre-loaded with chat rooms, or find your own
  • Very affordable
mIRC 6.34 (1.67 MB)
mIRC 7.38 (2.36 MB)
mIRC 7.41 (2.36 MB)
mIRC 7.43 (2.36 MB)
mIRC 7.44 (2.48 MB)
mIRC 7.46 (2.61 MB)
mIRC 7.47 (2.61 MB)
mIRC 7.48 (2.63 MB)
mIRC 7.49 (2.63 MB)
mIRC 7.53 (2.64 MB)
mIRC 7.55 (2.69 MB)
mIRC 7.56 (3.06 MB)
mIRC 7.57 (3.06 MB)
mIRC 7.58 (3.1 MB)
mIRC 7.61 (3.1 MB)
If you're looking for a communication platform for Internet Relay Chat networks then check out mIRC for Windows. This tool makes it easy to connect with people who use IRC networks globally, regardless of whether you want to collaborate as a group or you just want to set up a private meeting with a single individual. My favorite feature is that it offers message logging, as well as friend lists.
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