ZamTalk Messenger

by ZamTalk Communication

Easily stay in touch with your friends around the world and meet new people

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ZamTalk Communication

Release: ZamTalk Messenger 8.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ZamTalk Messenger is a great program that allows you to chat not only by text but also by video and voice! It can help you keep in touch with your friends from around the world or it can help you make some brand new friends online!

If you're interested in meeting new people there are lots of chat rooms that you can join. Chat rooms are arranged by topic and you can easily find a chat room for nearly any topic that you can think of! Additionally, there are chat rooms in lots of different languages so if you speak a language other than English you can easily find other people who speak that language! Or if you're trying to learn a foreign language you can easily find someone willing to help you! And if you can't find the perfect chat room you can create your own very quickly and let the right people join you.

You can join multiple rooms at once so you can have lots of different chats going at the same time! You can also have multiple private chat sessions going on the same time. So you'll be able to meet lots of different people quickly. You can save people who you've become friends with to your personal list so you'll be able to find them again in the future.

You can create a custom avatar of a real photo of you or of something else you like. Additionally, you get a profile that you can completely customize. These will help other people get a feel of the real you and your personality very quickly!

Both audio and video are carried in high quality. So you won't have to worry about any difficulties seeing or hearing the people that you're talking with.

ZamTalk Messenger's basic version is completely free with no obligations. Currently, ZamTalk Messenger does require a Windows computer but versions are being developed for other operating systems.

ZamTalk Messenger features video chat rooms as well as more standard text chat rooms.
Bee Man
ZamTalk Messenger is awesome. There's lots of chat rooms to choose from if you are looking for new friends and you can even join multiple chat rooms at the same time. You can make friends from anywhere in the world thanks to the different languages available. Or you can use chat or video to stay in touch with old friends. You can choose an avatar if privacy is a concern or use your real picture to let others know who you are. It has high quality audio and video. And the best part is it's totally free.
Alister Animesh Baroi
ZamTalk is a free to use software for video chatting and voice calling over the internet which is used by many businesses to stay connected. Users can meet new people or watch videos and be in touch with friends and families on the ZamTalk's chat rooms. Presentations can also be shared with family or friends with video conferencing. Being a free piece of software, ZamTalk comes with some unique features, including high-quality video, video rooms, auto welcomer, high audio quality, UI themes, offline messages, Privacy Options and more. It's smooth and straight forward to download and use ZamTalk. After downloading, run the installer, the installation will start, asking the user to agree with the terms. Checkmark the box and click next. Select the directory and click of install, after installing click on the next button to continue. After ZamTalk messenger installed successfully, click "Finish" to complete the installation and then run the program and create your nickname and save. Now you can log in to your nickname.
Dylan Bagwell
ZamTalk Messenger is an extraordinary program that permits you to talk by content as well as by video and voice. You can join numerous rooms without a moment's delay so you can have loads of various talks going simultaneously! You can likewise have various private visit meetings going on the equivalent time.Both sound and video are conveyed in high quality.Additionally, you get a profile that you can totally redo.
Zamtalk Messenger for Windows is a free internet voice and video program. Features superb voice chat and webcam quality, public and private rooms, ability to join multiple rooms, a variety of user interface themes, whispers, and emoticons. Coming soon to android and iPhone. Use Zam Talk for personal use to keep in touch with family and friends or for business calls and meetings.
No matter where you are at ZamTalk Messenger for windows is the way to keep in touch without the hassle. ZamTalk helps individuals, organizations to create an Internet voice and video Chat program that easy to use and navigate, ZamTalk helps make sharing presentation's with friends and family so much easier. ZamTalk has the largest selection of chat rooms to help you meet your needs
Now you have a messenger that you can use to chat and send messages to different people from around the world. The software has a video chats feature that is used by many people, corporations to communicate, play, and work. This is a great software that enhances the free flow of communications from around the world. Download to join the train.
Another easy to use voice and text chat based program, ZamTalk provides you with a fantastic social platform for you to use with any group online. There's even chat rooms for you to join so you can meet new friends, play games, and watch videos together for a truly great social experience. ZamTalk could be your alternate chat program for you today so install it and enjoy!
My friends and I have had a blast using ZamTalk Messenger! Not only does it have voice capabilities, but the video option is perfect for friends who live halfway across the country. It runs quickly and I have yet to experience technical difficulties, which is more than I can say about other messenger platforms. The best part is that it's completely free to use.
ZamTalk Messenger for windows is the best application software and light-weighted application that helps you to chat a people on internet. ZamTalk Messenger allows text, video chat and audio chat on windows. There are different languages than english. It allows to create and customize avatar of original photos. Audio and video has streamed in higher quality. Able to meet different peoples from different countries via zamtalk messenger.
I love using ZamTalk Messenger for Windows because it's a convenient and easy way for me to stay in touch with my friends and family. Not only is it compatible across various Windows devices, including but not limited to the Vista, but it's also great for alternative forms of communication, such as instant messaging, video conference calls and basic text chatting.
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