An external tool on a USB, CD, or DVD used to boot up a PC

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If you cannot boot the previous operating system after installing several operating systems on your computer, MultiBoot may help you. It often happens that after installing Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 boot records are lost. This is due to the fact that the earlier system is unable to recognize its newer "brothers".

MultiBoot is a simple, noninstallable application that will help you restore Windows Vista and Windows 7 boot loaders and set up a list of operating systems to be displayed before the system boots.

You can rename any entry in the bootloader, set the output order of the systems in the list, and set the default system to boot. The time for displaying system selection before booting is also adjustable.

The program consists of two tabs, and on the second tab you will find some advanced functions. Here you can save the current boot configuration of the system to a text file and restore the boot parameters from the existing file.

Multiboot is something for anyone who has not got the latest version of windows installed on their laptop or personal computer. This product allows for the system to recognise older operating system boot up installations and be displayed before the system boots itself.
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