Record and take pictures from a web camera

Operating system: Windows

Release: MyCam 2.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The MyCam software enables someone to quickly take pictures and videos with there WebCam. This software also allows the use of specialty filters to be added to the videos and images that are made. The most important feature of this software is how easy it is to use.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Ability to take videos and pictures
  • Special-Filters that can be applied for pics and vids
  • Safe and Free download of software to ensure it is malware-free
  • A full version can be purchased to remove the watermark that is on the product
  • Single click youtube upload option to share with friends on your youtube channel
  • No special computer requirements are needed to get the software fully functional
  • Can easily add multiple filter options to your recordings
  • Ability to look up and QR and Bar Codes for different options within the software.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking to do various youtube recordings or screenshots. If you have a presentation to put together at work - This is a must-have. If you have your own YouTube channel, this is absolutely the program you will want to leverage to make your page stand out from everyone else. This software is designed to be easily used by any person with an excellent GUI interface. This means your grandma or grandpa can easily upload to there computer or if they have its YouTube page. No specialized training or fighting with a program to do what you want it to do. You can pay for it after you try it! This way, it isn't something you pay for and then left wondering why did I just get that? Nope, you own it once you fall in love with it, which I am sure you will.

It is a free program

A secure and safe download option that won't install that crappy malware on your machine is huge. A lot of free items come with added programs or malware, which then render your computer system useless. 

Nick Ellis
This product is a WebCam that allows special filters to be applied to your pictures and video
John Worthington
MyCam for Windows is a program that allows you to use your computer's webcam to create pictures or images, and share them with friends. Thanks to its video effects and photo filters, the app offers some video processing features in addition to video and picture capture.
This is a Windows application that allows people to take pictures and record with their webcam. This application also opens and plays a lot of video images and files. This thankfully has a high GPU processor as well so you can quickly process all your images and video data without sacrificing any sort of quality. This is a great application and I think that a lot of younger people would think that this is a good software application.
MyCam as the name suggests has become my camera. Getting to take photos on my webcam and even add filters are exhilarating. You can always have fun without needing your phone to take great photos and amazing videos. I am in love
At first, I was confused at what MyCam for Windows even was. After some research, it seems that you're able to video chat from your computer with the ability to - take screenshots, edit your image, do silly filters, and record the video chat. It's pretty interesting and a fun tool! There is a sort of creative freedom to it, which I like most.
MyCam is one of the best application software tools which can be used to take photos, snapshots, and videos from our laptop camera and system web camera. This application software tool can be installed as a simple file on your computer and do not want to install as an executable file. This application software tool comes with both a free version and a premium version. This application software tool is compatible with most of the Windows operating systems forever.
If you are interested in having photos and videos taken with your webcam with amazing filters, this is the go-to application. It has a wide range of filters that can be applied with still images and videos.
MyCam for Windows is the perfect program for someone that is looking to just take pictures and record themselves. It is also possible to send these images to your phone if needed, which is a plus. It is a powerful simple product that is great for people that just want to take a simple picture and send it to their phone, or if someone just wants to use easy software to record themselves.
MyCam applications are very useful for photos, videos and snapshots with the best filter option.It is a simple standalone laptop camera application that records videos and shots a snap.
MyCam for Windows is a simple yet powerful little application that allows you to take videos and pictures with your webcam enabled computer. You can also apply video or picture effects and filters which allows you to create unique photos and videos. It's not only a camera app but also a photo-processing app! You can broadcast to Youtube or Facebook with MyCam, as well as scan barcodes or QR codes, and send media straight to your mobile phone.
MyCam for Windows is a program which allows you to use the camera to take photos and videos. You can even send the file/photos to your mobile phone. This program really saves time and has so many useful features. My children especially like the video effects when sending videos to family members. Highly recommend this program if you are looking for a cam/photo/video program to use on your computer.
MyCam is a unique program that does not require any space on your hard drive as it is not downloaded. It is installed via a USB and it allows the end users to take live footage, screenshots, small bits of video and send it to others. It is viable for professional and personal use. Once you have a strong working knowledge of the program and its benefits, the options can be endless.
MyCam for Windows is special software that allows you to take pictures and record videos on your web cam. You can use the special filters to enhance your photos and recordings. Download and try the free version and see for yourself. If you want full access to all the features there is a onetime fee. This software makes it possible to send images to phones and other devices. MyCam has a 3.4 star rating. I would recommend this software to anyone who likes to record and share videos or pictures. The software is user friendly and easy to use.
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