by Visicom Media Inc

An easy to use yet incredibly powerful webcam program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Visicom Media Inc

Release: ManyCam 6.7

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ManyCam is a great webcam program that is incredibly simple to use but can help you create professional looking broadcasts that can be streamed over any online service. One of the more simple and straightforward features is that you can easily switch between different input sources allowing the viewer to have a full-screen image of anything that you would like to show them. From that image, you can add a picture-in-picture image so the viewer can see you or you can show the viewer a second aspect of that image.

As a teaching tool, it allows you to record your screen which you can later broadcast while narrating live allowing the students to learn from it. You can even screen share allowing students to interact with your desktop and try out new functionalities that you're teaching them about.

ManyCam is great for game streaming as well! It can capture game footage natively. You can do fun effects and insert yourself in the game it can create a green screen effect so people will really believe that you're in the game!

So more important features including its ability to broadcast to multiple channels at once so you can get as large an audience as possible. You can put visual effects on the screen to highlight important information, add a text crawl, or just do fun visuals. There are a ton of predesigned effects that come with the software. But if none meet your needs you can design your own! ManyCam can also add custom watermarks to the entire video so you have copyright protection built in!

On the audio side of things, ManyCam will allow you to apply audio effects to your microphone or prerecorded audio. So your audio can be just as fun as your video!

ManyCam is available for purchase in a wide variety of formats starting at a basic $29 for personal use and going all the way up to $279 for enterprise use. It is available for both Apple and Windows-based systems as well as Android and iOS devices.

ManyCam allows you to add fun effects to professional-like broadcasts on any online platform!
ManyCam 3.0 (20.53 MB)
ManyCam 3.0.68 (20.56 MB)
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ManyCam 3.1.41 (10.56 MB)
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ManyCam 6.7 (0.58 MB)
ManyCam (0.55 MB)
This is a webcam service. Webcam is incredibly simple. You can create very easy professional looking broadcasts, and it can be streamed over any online service. One of its features is you can switch between different input sources, and it allows the viewer to have a full screen image.another nice thing is you can record your screen.
Finn Robins
During this quarantine it is no shock that a lot of lessons and meetings are done online and manycam has made my life and work so much easier. It is an excellent way to give lessons and online video conferences without issue.
a great Windows software for your Windows can so you can add live filters to your camera or make it 3d characters.
This software is great for having virtual class and work meetups. It can be used on a laptop or Apple smartphone. The pricing for an individual is $29 per year and the mobile app is included. The price for businesses to use this app is $199 per year and it can be used on up to three different devices. The mobile app is included. I recommend this software to all users.
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