DroidCam Client


Turn your phone into a webcam

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DEV47APPS

Release: DroidCam Client 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product is by Dev47Apps and you use this application in Windows to connect to your droidcam app on your phone in order to connect them and have a webcam you can use for Skype or Google+, it also serves as an IP webcam. Very simple to use.


  • The main feature of this app is to use it as a webcam so you can connect to Skype or Google+ and video chat with both sound and picture.
  • An added feature is not only video chatting but you can use this app as an IP webcam and set your phone up in any location and use it to spy on your spouse, or maybe on a nanny or even to see what your dog is doing while you are not at home.
  • It is designed to save as much battery and space as possible while recording and sending to help reduce lagging.
  • You can toggle between HD mode and regular mode for added high-quality video and sound.

This app seems like a really good app for many uses and because it already has over 2 million downloads it shows that is effective and the Dev47apps team is good about getting bugs out as quickly as possible. 

This software is better because you can use it not only as a webcam for Skype and such but also as an IP Webcam as a spycam or Nannycam.

You must have both apps installed and connected to each other and for video calls on your computer, you must connect them via USB. For IP webcam you must have data enabled on the phone or be connected to wifi to use it remotely.

Ricky Brown
I needed something to connect my pc to my droidcam app. This program was easy to use and a quick set up. I can now effortless go back and forth between the few. I would really recommend this if you need to do the same.
DriodCam is incredibly easy to use webcam software. Installing and getting DroidCam to work is as easy as reading the instructions provided. DroidCam is my go-to software when I want to use Skype, Zoom, or other related software. Other add-on features have many steps and can become burdensome to get to work but DroidCam is very user friendly. I would absolutely recommend this product.
Kieran Mckay
Highly useful app that works well. I've used apps like it previously but nothing has come close to the quality of Droidcam. It turns your phone into a webcam which is great for someone who's computer doesn't have one built into it. You can connect it to your phone using a USB or by LAN or Wifi. It saved a remote job interview I had. I never had any problems using the app either, it's very simple.
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