by DesignSoft

3D house planning software capable of handling detailed housing development

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DesignSoft

Release : myHouse 12

Antivirus check: passed

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To put it bluntly, myHouse is a toolset program, that gives out signs of quality software, primarily due to the amount (and usefulness) of the features, as well as the coherent way it puts them all together. It is a CAD-like program, but it is still adding new tricks to spice up the general tone of this type of software. It satisfies any professional designer, especially those with great detail and coloring taste.

The main strengths of myHouse are its straightforwardness, high-resolution textures, and its uncomplicated, lucid interface. Several walls, ground, windows, and other types/components, floor systems, pillars, and others. Many settings of all components, of which can be adjusted and configurated to your view of the future space. The designer software is complex enough to create all the small details you would like to add to your house.


myHouse is an easy-to-use house designing program, focusing mainly on providing you with all the right tools
  • Stairs, floor, and roof development tools, as well as their customization
  • 3D symbol designer, which yields tools for creating and editing the so-needed symbols. This can come in handy when 
  • Importing and exporting tools, compatible with other planner solutions, SketchUp models, too
  • Accurate palette selection, making for an even greater selection of coloring choices and its deepness 
  • Third and first-person camera to look around your newly created house plan, both accurate to real-life proportions
  • Pool creation tools, with accurate-looking water, customizable size, deepness, and other parameters of the subsequent pool and more
  • Animations of different objects both inside and outside the house. Wobbling trees, moving cars, and more. The quality of which, by the way, keeps increasing to this day due to new updates

Ultimately, myHouse is a great instrument for elaborate house foundation, mostly because of the quantity and quality level of the given software. There are also a few versions to choose from, in fact, the full version is free - making myHouse look even better in the grand scheme of things. It surely has a few minuses here and there but it, overall, stands as a pretty solid option from what you can gather.

- Support for customizable data collection through sensors
- Allows definition and configuration of widgets and modules
- Interfaces for actuator control and automatic alerts
- Integration with Slack for bot controlled operations and notifications

Allows for comprehensive and customizable home data collection.
Enables direct interaction and automation control via Slack bot.
Provides instant notifications and alerts for specific situations.

Requires certain technical knowledge for setting up sensors.
No mobile app available for remote control.
Limited to only WirelessThings sensors compatibility.
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