by Microolap

Open Source server which is relational database management server.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microolap

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MyISQL for creating a database, updating a database, and deleting a database. For this purpose, it is used everywhere.MySQL innoDB Storage Engine. Which is used behind any commerce website, bank, or financial institution.MyISQL offer a variety of storage engines. It is a relational database query language. This is a unified visual tool for database architects. It is avaible in Windows,Mac OS and Linux.MyISQL which includes logging applications and e-commerce.Developer(s) Oracle corporation.The license for the MyISQL is GPLv2 or proprietary.

It is entirely free and open source. Owned by Swedish Company. 


It provides security and seamless connectivity.
  • It has updatable views.
  • MyISQL supports Cross-platform support.
  • It supports SSL support and Query caching.
  • It has an Embedded database library.
  • Creates backups and edits the data.

MyISQL performs on many platform there are NetBSD,IBM,OpenSolaris,FreeBSD,QNX and etc.

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