by n8n

An AI-based development tool, integrating AI to the data and having visual coding

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: n8n

Release : n8n 1.35

Antivirus check: passed

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You wouldn't be wrong by calling something like n8n a coding tool, similar to those of other developers, but on this occasion, the software also brings some new, though tested and helpful, stuff to the table. It, if taken in general, combines a plethora of diverse dev tools like code testing, autonomous, capable AI agents, several ways of creating and editing the models, Python and npm library support, and many more all contribute their own bit to the overall automation structuring. Practically the one principle the program follows is helping you understand and organize your code structure with things like visual representations with real-time code execution.

Other than all of that, n8n also focuses heavily on providing all the needed workflow templates, well, over 1000 of those at that! These can, of course, be edited, though you will probably find at least one that will fill right in. The overall coding process is also sped up by miles due to the fast copy and pasting of lines/whole chunks of it. The source code is happily available, making modifying the program or integrating its features to other solutions a plain and fast process.


  • Easy user management if dealt with in a larger group
  • Encrypted data, stored all safe and sound by the software devs
  • Pointing errors in failed executions, their possible solution, and further restart
  • Conditional logic, branching, and others help you compose your code as simple as a melody
  • Python, JavaScript, and npm Package support
  • A full pack of AI tricks and features seamlessly built into the application
  • Active community that can be searched through if encountering any problem on the soft's matter
  • Easy running, editing/tweaking, and process repeating, with options like extra docs and similar

Well, that was quite a bunch! Not to say they're too much, obviously, the opposite - just right for any advanced/ing programmer. So, n8n is simply a great code helper choice, standing out solidly for its amount of features, their overwhelming usefulness, and intuitively composed structure that helps you create dream code!

n8n is an effective builder of code, utilizing multiple AI features and having highly adjustable settings
Operating system: Linux, macOS, or Windows
At least 2 GB of RAM
Node.js, version 10.x or later
Internet connection for external service integrations

Features an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
Supports a broad range of integrations.
Open-source and highly extendable.

The initial setup can be quite challenging for non-technical users.
Limited documentation and learning resources available.
Some popular integrations are still missing.
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