NCH Inventoria Stock Manager

by NCH Software

An inventory program for users to monitor and allocate stocked items

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NCH Software

Release : NCH Inventoria Stock Manager 4.03

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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NCH Inventoria Stock Manager is for users who would like to keep and organize their own inventory or store. It allows the user to keep warnings and reminders when stocks are low, and also features cloud access and remote access. It allows installs to be done in a very short amount of time and does not require any sort of hassle. So, it is suitable for new and advanced users alike. It allows users to create purchase orders and allows them to email directly when speaking with vendors. It allows users to keep track of stock levels at all times, but also in terms of costs and average values. It will enable you to see inventory and group it by location, typing, and holistically as well. It allows users to bring in a whole inventory using a cav file so that import is made easy, and you do not have to perform inputs manually. It allows users to look for barcodes and scan them within the program. These features make this an all-in-one utility that holds many capabilities and allows the user to perform many functions within it. It also allows users to set sales units and allows users to sell by weight and bundles. This enables users to work on various Windows platforms, especially 64 bit, and also works with Mac as well. The download, installation, and configuration steps are made very easy and do not require much time or effort at all. I would highly recommend this to anyone working with inventory or stocks of products, as it allows users to keep track while also monitoring and sorting by category. It keeps an advanced layout essentially so that users can group items and know what is going where, so allocations are best understood. Overall this program is very holistic in its approach and is very user-friendly.

Allows many features such as categorical grouping, cloud access and importation of .cav file formats

  • Monitor inventory and store
  • Categorize items
  • Allocate sales units
  • Sell items by weight and bundles.
  • User-friendly and simple interface
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If your company is looking for a reliable program to manage inventory and stock, then check out NCH Inventoria Stock Manager for Windows. This program is compatible with the suite of business tools offered by NCH Software, although it functions just as well by itself. Not only can you use this tool to manage your inventory regardless of location or vendor, but you can also use it to create reports and place orders for new purchases.
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Fraser Woodral

NCH Inventoria Stock Manager is an inventory and stock management software for businesses. It helps users easily manage and track stock levels, set reorder points and build stock reports. It also offers features such as multiple warehouse support, barcode scanning, product and supplier tracking, and customizable reports.
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Ruaridh P***********a

I have been using the NCH Inventoria Stock Manager software for a few months now and I am overall impressed. The software is easy to use and navigate. I have found that the customizable options are very helpful when trying to keep an accurate inventory of our items. The reporting options are also great for tracking and analyzing our current inventory. I also appreciate the ability to track stock levels across multiple locations. The customer service is also great. They have been very helpful and responsive to all of my inquiries. Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with the NCH Inventoria Stock Manager software.
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Riley X.

NCH Inventoria Stock Manager is a great software to help manage inventory. It was easy to set up and use, and the user interface was intuitive. It has great features to help keep your stock and costs organized, including the ability to create multiple warehouses and sales orders. I was able to generate a variety of reports quickly and easily, and I found the stock level and sales tracking to be very useful. The software also allows you to set reorder points, so you don't run out of stock unexpectedly. Overall, I found it to be an effective and efficient way to manage my inventory.
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Aidan Y.

I've been using NCH Inventoria Stock Manager for a few months and I'm mostly satisfiied with it, it's easy to use and quite intuitive but sometims the navigation can be a bit confussing.
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Sean M.

I found NCH Inventoria Stock Manager software to be quite usefull and easy to navigate, however I had some prolems with the stock quntity not being accurate on the report sometimes.
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Robert Tarp

NCH Inventoria Stock Manager software is a great toole for managing stock and inventory, I've been using it succesfully for year now!
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Connor O*********l

NCH Inventoria Stock Manager is a software that helps businesses manage their inventory efficiently. It allows users to track stock levels, set reorder points, and generate reports on inventory movements. With this software, businesses can easily monitor stock levels and avoid running out of stock. Additionally, it provides real-time data on inventory movements, enabling businesses to make informed decisions regarding their stock management. Overall, NCH Inventoria Stock Manager is a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their inventory management processes.
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Joseph X******i

NCH Inventoria Stock Manager software offers comprehensive inventory management features for businesses of all sizes.
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