Noise Blocker

by Closed Loop Labs

An application that blocks unwanted microphone noise for clear communication

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Closed Loop Labs

Release : Noise Blocker 0.9.6

Antivirus check: passed

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The Noise Blocker software is designed to eliminate unwanted noise from your microphone, ensuring the clarity of your conversations. Initially, you record samples of all the noise you want to get rid of (for example, the sound of keyboard clicks, mouse clicks, fan noise, etc.). Then, Noise Blocker will analyze all incoming audio against your noise list and mute accordingly, allowing only the desired sounds to pass through.

  • Recording unwanted noise samples to create a sound control profile.
  • Automatic analysis of incoming audio to identify and block unwanted noises.
  • Noise cutting function that only lets desired sounds come through.
  • User-friendly with an intuitive user interface.
  • Optimized for gaming, video calls, and audio conferencing.

Gone are the days when: * Your friends complain about the hum, crackle, and background noise from your microphone on Skype. * You're muted by your teammates during online gaming because your mechanical keyboard overwhelmed Discord. * You have to awkwardly switch between sound and mute on every conference call.

With Noise Blocker, you can focus on your conversation without being distracted by unwanted background noises. Whether it's for gaming, video calls, or audio conferencing, Noise Blocker makes every interaction clearer and more enjoyable.

The main benefit of using Noise Blocker is to enhance audio clarity by eliminating unwanted microphone noise.
- Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
- Microphone Input Available
- Sound Card supporting audio recording
- 1 GB RAM or more

Eliminates unwanted background noise from the microphone.
User-friendly with an intuitive interface.
Optimized for gaming, video calls, and audio conferencing.

May struggle to block complex or varied background noises.
User interface could be more intuitive.
Requires initial setup to record unwanted sounds.
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