Norman Malware Cleaner

by Norman

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Norman

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91744

Norman Malware Cleaner & mdash; is a free program for detecting and removing various types of malware from your computer. Can clean the system from the following viruses and worms: Agent, Bagle, Blaster, Dloader, Dumaru, Feebs, JS/Small, Lovgate, Mitglied, Mydoom, Mytob, Navipromo, Netsky, Newdotnet, Renos, Sasser, Sdbot, Sircam, Small.KI, Sober, Sobig, Spyaxe, Spybot, Spywad, Startpage, Swen, Yaha, Zafi, Zlob, Zotob and some others.

Note: Norman Malware Cleaner cannot be considered as a substitute for a full-fledged antivirus software. It is only a powerful drug for treating an already infected computer, which should be used in conjunction with a reliable antivirus.

For more reliable cleaning of your computer it is recommended to start Norman Malware Cleaner when the system is running in the safe mode (Start Windows with F8 key pressed on the keyboard. In the menu that appears, select "Safe Mode".)

- is able to detect and close infected applications and remove them from memory;

- delete infected files from the disk (including ActiveX components and BHO);

- to find and destroy the rootkits;

- restore the correct system registry values;

- to clean the host file;

- to clean up and remove rules in the Windows Firewall.

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