AMD Overdrive Utility

by Advanced Micro Devices

An overclocking software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Advanced Micro Devices

Release: AMD Overdrive Utility

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It doesn't need as much space as some of the other overclocking software

  • This software overclocks your AMD CPU and allows you to seem that you have a lot bigger and robust CPU that goes faster than what it is rated for. it is very easy to use. your grandma could implement only works with AMD chipsets and CPUs. will not work with Intel this software also is free who don't like that  this software allows you more control over your software than any other on the market and will help you push your processors through walls of speed not previously obtained in the computer space  your friends will be so jealous and be asking how did you achieve with such ease
  • It will adjust memory, voltage and tweak performance all done by a slider bar opens up bandwidth to play with that most gamers would be embarrassed with and it allows you to customize to the needs  you don't have to go with factory settings that are sometimes very limited based on limited resources
  • Gamers get all the giddyup that they need they also require a lot of horsepowers and this provides a ton of it for the most advanced games this could be the secret that allows you to beat the geek next door that usually always has one up on you. You won't be disappointed
  • You can also store many different profiles. this is the only software source you need for overclocking. no need for any other software

So it's ease of use one-stop software with a lot of bang for your buck is a skill set that you like this is the software that you want to use for all your AMD overclocking needs. try it you won't be disappointed

Kimberly Cota
This software sounds fun. i am a bit of a gamer and if a software helps me to have a better experience then i would definitely choose it. It comes free thats even better. The only disadvantage is that it only works on AMD processors. It is not a problem for me because i own a system with AMD technology.
This product is very user friendly and will prevent you from having to purchase a stronger CPU unit. You simply implement it into your current CPU and the job is done, very useful! Even your grandparents would be able to use this product.
AMD overdrive is a free system which allows you to automatically monitor and modify your computer's hard drive. Computer tuning and utility monitoring are included as well. This ensures your computer is stable and in optimal condition. If the temperature of your computer drops or spikes AMD overdrive will alert you.
you are a program developer or a great e-sports player. You are using AMD processor because of its efficient and cheap cost. but now such a point has come that you need a little more power. In this case, is coming to your rescue with AMD Overdrive Utility. It does not occupy a lot of space on your computer and it is very easy to use with its simple interface. instant speed boosts can't be a better solution for your needs.
AMD Overdrive is a software product that is free for Windows devices which enables a user to modify running components to boost and make more efficient the processes. You are able to tune parameters and prevent overclock. It enables the user to control overclock settings, such as with GPU, CPU, and RAM. This is recommended for individuals looking to tweak and modify these parameters on their devices.
Jake Boring
AMD OverDrive helps you to have control of your system. This software allows you to adjust parameters to help system stability, optimize performance, and control cooling/acoustic characteristics easy and fast. You can adjust the parameters they way you need it and is really helpful.
I just found this AMD Overdrive Utility for Windows. You know what, it's discontinued. That's such a bummer. I read about the features and it looks pretty cool. It allows users to maximize the capabilities of AMD processers so that users can suck the juice out of them. Users can also perform stability tests to make sure everything is working properly. This is what I was looking for, but alas, it's discontinued. I'll keep looking. Maybe I'll find something else that's equally as great.
AMD Overdrive Utility has truly been a lifesaver this week. I needed something that would allow me to change the speed of the fan to stop my machine from overheating. So glad to have had this recommended to me by a buddy. Definitely need to get it installed on your machines, its really good to have.
AMD Overdrive Utility is a nifty bit of software that allows you to overclock you processors. You can use it to adjust the parameters manually, or allow the app to do this automatically. I have tried both options and both work seamlessly. Automatic is pretty intuitive, it over locks to a safe level and then automatically runs some clever diagnostic tests to ensure your system will run stably. I’d highly recommend this software, completely changed my PC for the better. If I can use it, anybody can.
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