Update firmware on Android devices/Windows operating systems.

Operating system: Windows

Release: PhoenixSuit 3.6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PhoenixSuit is a software meant for Android and Windows users. It is meant for Allwinner CPU based smartphones and tablets. It can benefit your devices in many ways and it is a good software to consider downloading. One benefit is that it can install APK (Android Package) files to your device. It can help make necessary adjustments to different variables. It can update firmware from images as well. Another benefit is that this software can backup your Android phone. Every phone needs to be backed up in order to preserve important information, photos, etc., which is why this is a great attribute to have. This product is completely free to download, which is a major benefit and enticement. When choosing which software one will download and which ones to avoid, one usually takes cost into consideration. Since PhoenixSuit is free, there is less of a risk because the downloader knows they won't be losing any money if they end up not liking the software. The one downside is that while this software is easy to use and easy to download, there is a chance that it can lead to a bricked device. It is advised to use caution when using PhoenixSuit in order to prevent this from happening.


  • Can install APK files (which stands for Android Package files)
  • Can backup your phone
  • Can update firmware from images
  • You can use this software to reboot a device with a PC

PhoenixSuit is a good software to download and have to benefit your devices in many ways if you have an Android or Windows device that is Allwinner CPU based. One of the biggest enticements is that the software itself is free to download. That lowers the risk when choosing what software you are going to risk downloading to your phone or other devices. When weighing the risk with the reward, PhoenixSuit is worth the risk of downloading.

One key benefit is that this software is easy to use AND it is free.
I just downloaded the software. Phoenix suite is amazing and a must if you have an android phone device. Automatically downloads updates for you when needed. Great tool and a must-have. I would highly recommend for Android phone users.
this is a great Windows software for managing connected devices and editing and debugging the Android software
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