O&O SpeedCheck

by O&O Software

A device speed checker which shows the current device speed, also speeding up the device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: O&O Software

Release: O&O SpeedCheck

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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O&O SpeedCheck runs with the Windows system elements in both the fragmented and defragmented condition. What it does it that is creates a simulation, which then tests the speed of the device based on two test times, and there is an increase in speed. It shows the user just how much the PC may be sped up by the processes of defragmentation and others. It also does not write up data but rather reads test data that is available on the device, and on the hard disk. It functions as a whole to check the speed of the device and interrogate and find out if anything is amiss and perhaps causing any sort of potential delays in functionality, as well as performance.

O&O SpeedCheck is very much a great application for all users, in that it readily and easily checks the speed of your device without the need to worry about anything slowing it down, as it identifies any potential lags. It runs in two distinct phases, these being a phase of simulated reading of the same files that have been defragmented, as well as files that are read continuously after each other on the hard disk level. There is also a reading function in which test files are opened, and operations are read so that they are essentially carried out based on the count of fragments which different files have been separated into. O&O SpeedCheck functions like Windows and its reading of the device’s fragmented files to give you an accurate measure of speed. It also works to speed up your device and has this function, which is then measured in an increase in speed by running tests numerous times so that you have an exact picture as to how much the speed has increased and also the current speed. I would highly recommend this application to all users as device speed, and program speed is both critical to maintaining productivity and efficiency.


Gives the user an accurate picture as to how the device's speed is measuring up
  • Speed simulation test
  • A precise picture of the speed of the device
  • Runs numerous tests for determination
  • Increases speed
  • Shows the amount of increase in device speed
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