Octane Render

by Refractive Software LTD

A fast GPU render engine that is spectrally correct

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Refractive Software LTD

Release : Octane Render 2023.1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Octane Render is a fast GPU render engine that is spectrally correct. There are many superb features that allow you to do complicated rendering tasks easily. Not only this engine is scalable but also can take advantage of many video cards.


  • With this engine, you can do particulate matter rendering. For example, you can render clouds, fog, smoke and fire of different densities.
  • It has a primitive and native type which helps in micro-surface displacement volumes as well as the surfaces. This is great for rendering of photo-realistic materials which can also be organic materials.
  • There is the feature of rendering of the deep pixels and the ability to use the Nuke® plugin for live connection, such as the DCC apps, including the compositing apps.
  • Artists can create unique shaders and transfer them from other software using the feature of Open Shading Language.
  • Octane Re­nder supports the GPU texture of global illumination and 8D light fie­lds, including the spherical harmonics.The GPU also rend transform your realistic computer-generated image­s into lively, cartoon-styled scene­s by applying just one material. This single adjustment can convert photorealistic 3D rende­rs into animated, toon-shaded styles withers the images of high-quality 10 to 15x faster when you compare it to the speed of a CPU.
  • The viewport which is on-screen is great. If you make changes to your scene, the engine automatically the screen with the updates. This is great if you want to make tweaks and view them right away.
  • There is support for interchanging modeling formats and the ability to make use of over 21 plugins.


Octane ReĀ­nder offers support for HDRI, mesh emitters, IES files, and a planetary sun/sky system.

Octane Re­nder offers support for HDRI, mesh emitters, IES files, and mesh emitters, including a sun/sky system which is planetary. Turn an HDRI image to position onto your 3D sce­ne, or modify any object to an area light by activating the emission setting in its mate­rial.

You get tools to adjust lights flexibly between being scene lights or attaching to surface­s, letting you place illumination however works best.

You can transform your realistic computer-generated image­s into lively, cartoon-styled scene­s by applying only one material of toon shading.

The Octane Render is very powerful for rendering of the spectrally correct tasks. The engine makes all the high-quality rendering operations fast and supports many geometries, 10-100x speed gains in the scene graph, and RTX raytracing GPU hardware acceleration. You also get many other features. If you want a fast and able rendering engine, Octane Render is the go-to choice.

Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system
Graphics card with support for NVIDIA CUDA.
Minimum 8GB of RAM
Compatible with 3D modeling software

Delivers exceptional realism with unbiased rendering technology.
Maximizes GPU usage for high-speed processing.
Supports a broad range of physically-based effects.

Limited customer service support can cause frustration.
Primarily supports Nvidia GPUs, excluding other manufacturers.
Steep learning curve for beginners and non-professionals.
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