Old Reddit Redirect

by Tom Watson

In reality, you have the option to reject the redesign in your Reddit account settings. Uncheck the box next to

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tom Watson

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Last revision: Last week

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Reddit should always load the previous layout. Reddit's makeover bothers you? The old (old.reddit.com) design will always load in its place thanks to Old Reddit Redirect. Reroutes all Reddit.com links to old.reddit.com, regardless of how users access the site, click links, or use old bookmarks. This function works whether or not you are logged in or using incognito mode, in contrast to the account setting for turning off the design. Reddit is probably a name you've heard if you spend a lot of time online.

The website claims to be the "first page of the internet," and that claim is not mere hyperbole. According to Alexa, Reddit is now ranked 19th globally and seventh in the United States in terms of popularity. What precisely is Reddit, then? In essence, it's a sizable collection of forums where users may post comments on or discuss news and content. Here is all the information you require. New Reddit prioritizes content above links, which were the focus of old Reddit. This modification appears to clearly establish the fact that Reddit is about the content, not the links that its users have carefully selected. The search bar is located in the top-right corner if you're using the old Reddit layout. It's in the middle of the page at the top if you're using the new Reddit design.

Enter the search term you're looking for here. Reddit will display users, posts, and subreddits that include your search term when you utilize the search bar. Reddit is awful now. Old Reddit also has terrible stuff, but at least that's all there is to it. Recent changes to Reddit include features like the report modal and the cookies popup. Old Reddit Redirect has gone from a 5/5 rating to a 10/5 rating heck yeah, so it appears to have modified itself particularly to remove the cookie popup.

amazing little addition only has 46 lines or 980 bytes of javascript code. a requirement. One of the best extensions in the entire shop, simple but effective

  • Software called Old Reddit Redirect is open source and free.
  • When visiting the main site, the Old Reddit Redirect extension is functional.
  • A community-driven, unofficial Reddit browser plugin is called Reddit Enhancement Suite.
  • On the new Reddit, content is prioritized.
  • keeping up with the newest news, memes, trends, and more

Reddit is helpful for many things, but it's especially helpful for keeping up with the newest memes, news, trends, and other information. Furthermore, it enables you to locate and join niche communities that you may have difficulty locating elsewhere online.Using the Android phone you have, open the Reddit app. At the top of the screen on the left, select the profile symbol. Select Settings by descending the page and clicking it. Toggle the "NSFW" option by scrolling across it.

I have used old Reddit redirect software on my personal computer. I am really happy to share my experience with this old Reddit redirect software because it is very useful to me load old navigation to the site, opening links, or using old bookmarks. I have really excited about this Old Reddit redirect software is working as an extension in all browsers, like chrome, firefox, etc., for redirecting old searches.
If you are a user of Reddit and really dislike the new design, then Old Reddit Redirect for Windows will install a browser extension that ensures that the old Reddit design loads by default. You will no longer need to type 'old' in your web url and you can go on browsing Reddit just like in the good old days without all the annoying features that the new design forces on you.
Caleb Rabbit
Old Reddit Redirect is a browser extension that automatically redirects links from old Reddit comment threads to their new versions on the redesigned Reddit website. It also adds a “Go to new Reddit” link on the old Reddit comment page. This extension is useful for users who wish to stay up to date with the latest Reddit features and content.
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