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Debug multi-thread programs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OllyDbg

Release : OllyDbg 1.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OllyDbg is a program designed to debug multi-thread programs by performing code analysis and displaying coding information. It can go through the threads and code in order to find information that you need for better code analysis. One of its main features is to parse binary code and present that data to you even if that source is unavailable.

The interface is well-organized, modern, and easy-to-use. There are nifty features like drag-and-drop, and the file menus are very intuitive. OllyDbg can load and debug DLL files instantaneously and provides that information to you in a readily-consumable way.

OllyDbg analyzes. compiles, and presents in-depth statistics and information on things such as log data, executable modules, memory map, threads, and CPU statistics. These features can be set to be conditionally run, such that the program is putting as little stress on the system as possible.

There are also advanced that are offered to those with more knowledge of how programs like OllyDbg works. These features give users an extensive amount of flexibility and enable them to perform their debugging tasks much more quickly. There are also many options for customization within the interface itself, ranging from color schemes to fonts and text size. The platform truly is user-focused and gives the user a wide berth of features and options that empowers them to get the job done right.

Makes all of the important and hard-to-find data easily presented.

  • Code Analysis and Debug information Presentation
  • Customizable interface
  • Analysis for Log Data, Executable Modules, Memory Map, Threads, and more
  • Advanced features such as code and debugging processes (events, traces, etc.)
  • Affordable!

In conclusion, OllyDbg provides many features for coders and developers - features that enable them to more quickly and accurately debug their code and code files so that they can work on providing the best product available. There is a range of potential uses that fit many roles that technology professionals must fill.

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Jay Rivas

OllyDbg is a useful debugger software. Even if you do not have a source available, you can use this as it focuses on binary code analysis! It can even debug multithread applications. Definitely recommended as it directly loads and debugs DLLs.
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This product is released 6 years ago. Olly Dbg is a 32-bit character which contains very easy to handle. this is a level debugger software
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OllyDbg will specialize in binary code analysis. The Windows OS is the perfect platform to install the software. The program is designed to help debug any given software. That is a great idea for any person who wants to clean their software. Windows OS is a big deal for those who use the app. The application will be downloaded and then employed for various projects. Check for any new updates in the near future as well.
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It is one of the perfect software for hackers.
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Callum Kinslow

OllyDbg is a 32-bit assembler level analyzing debugger for Microsoft® Windows®. It provides a feature-rich user interface for debugging applications running on Windows operating systems. It offers an intuitive user interface for reverse engineering, analyzing, and debugging of executable files, allowing for the detection of memory and software-related errors, as well as malicious code. OllyDbg can be used to debug both user-mode and kernel-mode programs.
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Charlie S*****k

I have been using OllyDbg for debugging and reverse engineering for a few years now. The UI of the software is quite intuitive and easy to use. Its feature of breaking the program execution at any instruction and then analyzing the memory and registers is quite useful. OllyDbg also provides detailed information about the memory and register values. The software also has some advanced features such as the ability to set conditional breakpoints and the ability to patch code. It also has a great disassembling capability. In addition, I find the many plugins available to be very useful. The support for different architectures is also very good. All in all, OllyDbg is a great tool for debugging and reverse engineering.
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Jake S*****o

OllyDbg is a powerful debugging tool that's easy to use. It has a great user interface with many shortcuts and menu options making it easier to navigate. It's also very lightweight and fast which is a plus. I also appreciate the ability to customize the appearance and the UI elements. The tool is also very detailed and has many features that make debugging easier.
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Harris J**********o

OllyDbg is a great tool for debugging anay programs and finding memory leaks. I find it quite user friendly, but the interfance can be a bit cumbersom and confusing at times.
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Ollie Reilly

OllyDbg is a great software for debugging, I've been using it for years with good successs.
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Ryan Runion

This software is a powerful tool for debugging and analyzing programs at a low level. Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it a popular choice among reverse engineers and security researchers. The advanced features and plugins allow for customized analysis and manipulation of the code.
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Connor W.

OllyDbg is a powerful debugger for Windows that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for analyzing and manipulating executable files.
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