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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CUTA

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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System Software For Windows - a collection of all sorts of frameworks and libraries that may be needed to run various programs and games on a newly installed operating system. The developers tried to collect in it more than two gigabytes of software, including all current versions of the .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual C++, DirectX, NVIDIA PhysX, Java Platform, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight and so on.

Remember how often you installed a program or game that refused to run, giving out only an info window with an error. Of course, launch problems may be caused by incompatibility with system components or by "installer" problems, but in most cases launch does not occur due to the absence of any additional program. Usually in such cases you have to google and read forums for a long time to find the right library/program. But why waste time if you can install everything you need at once and get rid of errors? Of course, programs from the System Software For Windows collection will "eat" a few gigabytes on the system disk, but taking into account the volume of modern drives - this is not such a big problem.

System Software For Windows is a step-by-step installer that offers several options for installing components from a package. The user can install all the packages at once, choose only the most common and recommended by the developer, specify the components himself or find only those that are not in the system. By the way, the developer of System Software For Windows kindly allows you to use your "child" for free and constantly updates the version of the software present in the collection.

- is a collection of software that may be needed to run a number of programs and games;

- is a step-by-step installer with the ability to select the right components;

- works on all versions of Windows;

- contains all current versions of the packages;

- does not require a network connection to install the software.

Windows 11 has been great so far. What I enjoy most is the new look which modernizes the UI to be more like what you'd see on your smartphone, but in a good way. I also like the way the new "snap window" feature which makes the user experience of having 2, 3, or 4 split tasks open at once which makes my workflow feel more fluid overall. If you have Windows 10 already it is a free upgrade so I recommend giving it a shot.
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