Opanda IExif

by Opanda Studio

A program for Photographers who want more information on a favorite picture

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Opanda Studio

Release: Opanda IExif 2.26

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Opanda software is used to get the details of a photo like never before. Want to know what perspective the photographer took in creating a picture? The camera that was used? Or how about more information on the photographer themselves? Opanda gives you all this information and more. Take a look!


  • Opanda IExif is a Free & Safe Download for Windows.
  • Developed by Lingoes Project.
  • See a picture from a photographers eye.
  • Learn all the data you can about a photo.

Are you interested in all aspects of a photograph? Not just the actual picture? Opanada IEXIF could be the software you are looking for. It's free to download for Windows and will allow you to see every bit of the picture and also get some information on the backstory. Love a particular photographer but don't know much about them? This free downloadable program will tell you the perspective of the photographer when taking the photo, the camera's model and maybe some information about the photographer themselves. Opanda also teaches you how and where to take a shot like this yourself.

Opanda will tell you what camera was used to take the picture and the backstory to it all.

Opanda software is free to download for Windows and easy to install. Opanda is professional software that can be used to browse Exif / GPS / IPTC data in a digital image. Opanada IEXIF also works with any version of windows that you have installed on your computer. Opanda is created by the Lingoes project. Lingoes is an easy-to-use dictionary and text translation software developed by Kevin Yau. Opanda was created using this free software.

It could take your photography to a whole new level by knowing the backstory to a photograph you admire. Just download Opanada unto your own computer and get started exploring a whole new world of pictures for yourself.

Opanda is a photo software, free to download. It shows you the perspective from the photographers side and gives you the information about the camera. Is gives you good advises how to take some good pictures and details about the photo like colours, size, ankle and light.
Opanda seems like a pretty neat software. It just seems kind of difficult wrapping my head around the concept of seeing where the photograph perspective was taken from just from a software. The pictures didn't really seem to help me understand the use of the software either. It seems super useful for someone into photography or trying to learn though.
Opanda is a very interesting and innovative product. I'm not quite sure as to how the software would detect perspective, but I would love to try this aspect out. As a photographer, sometimes I lie down, and it might be on my back shooting toward my feet, or on my stomach shooting from low to the ground, so I would like to see if the software could really detect that. One thing that is useful for certain, and that is the ability it has to store the settings and which camera was used. Sometimes I forget how I shot something, especially firework photography, when you only do it once a year, generally. It would be nice to be able to select a photograph and see the exact settings. All in all, I think this is a very creative and smart product.
softradar.com opanda IExif for windows is a professional software ,It is used to browse IExif/GPS/IPTC data, it supports TIPP6 and popular software's extend tag,It displays the image taken from digital camera.
Opanda is amazing and I do not understand how it knows all the information it does. It really gets into deep levels of information such as the camera that was used to take the photos and it's fun to use and it can be pretty exciting and works well when you are trying to determine lenses that were used or certain things for important projects
This software seems very powerful, and should be an indispensable tool to use in conjunction with Photoshop or other of the user's preference. Choosing perspectives from an image, and even from the photographer, is innovative and surprising. I recommend it to photography professionals.
Samuel Huber
User can learn about how and where to take the photos what is the camera model and more in the IExif
This software is great. I've gotten better knowledge about how and where to take a photo, it tells you what the camera's model is and the detail of the photographer and more. I cannot believe that I haven't found it before I recommend it to everybody. It's been a relief for me. Get it. Use it. Thank me.
Opanda IExif is an easy and user-friendly tool to edit IExif data in images. It is supported by internet explorer as well Mozillas Firefox.it is the best tool for photographers beginners. It fixes the known errors. it is multi-language versions.
Based on what I read it seems this software is used to see all the details from a picture taken with a digital camera. The beauty of this software is that it can give the exact location of where the image was taken. The EXIF data from the photo can also be exported to an XML or TXT file which is useful for cataloging photos for professional photographers. I would definitely recommend this software product to those that have a Nikon DSLR. Finding the shutter release and checking the specs for a photo is very detailed.
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