by Boris Eyrich

A full featured painting tool with a giant selection of brushes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Boris Eyrich

Release: Artweaver 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Artweaver is a perfect program for artists that are just beginning or the advanced artist. Offering a program that is user-friendly and allows artists with every level of skill to work easily within the program. It does not give you unnecessary options which could confuse the novice but is still completely extensive in its options it does offer which allows the advanced artist to create beautiful works of art. 


  • large range of effects filters
  • huge variety of brushes
  • full support for layers
  • highly configurable brushes

As an artist, you are always on the lookout for the newest, freshest, and most up to the now moment programs. Most of the time finding a program that offers you some or a few things about what you need.  Sometimes being so hard to work with that you spend more time learning to use the program than you do create your art.  Artweaver has solved that problem with their user-friendly and any skill level program.

Artweaver allows you to connect with your team and all work together on the project.

As a professional artist, Artweaver allows you to work together with your entire team over the internet or LAN for those creative work projects, coming in handy especially when you are coming up on a project deadline.  The convenience of having your whole team be able to work from anywhere and work together makes this perfect for professional level artists. It works well with graphics tablets and supports Photoshop plugins. Creating a detailed layered piece of art with Artweaver (for Windows) is easy with it's layering tools as well as it's extensive choices of brushes that are highly configurable.

Artweaver has a small learning curve for those that want to just mess around with a new hobby and test the artistic waters.  With it's predefined and realistic brush options, along with its user-friendly interface, the beginning artist can easily find their hidden talents. 

Artweaver has to be the best program for all skill levels of artists.  Whether you are just toying with art as a hobby, renewing a long lost love of drawing and art, or the professional artist, you will find exactly what you are looking for with Artweaver. Get their free program for all of your basic artistic needs or choose their Artweaver Plus to gain access to such things as technical support, 64 bit and more performance, enhanced functionality, and detailed brush control. Pick which one will fit your needs and start creating!

Artweaver 3.1 (7.52 MB)
Artweaver 3.1.1 (7.53 MB)
Artweaver 3.1.2 (7.53 MB)
Artweaver 3.1.5 (7.59 MB)
Artweaver 4.0 (8.52 MB)
Artweaver 4.0.1 (8.61 MB)
Artweaver 4.0.2 (10.14 MB)
Artweaver 4.0.4 (14.93 MB)
Artweaver 4.5 (10.58 MB)
Artweaver 4.5.2 (10.63 MB)
Artweaver 4.5.4 (10.71 MB)
Artweaver 5.0.1 (11.59 MB)
Artweaver 5.0.5 (18.43 MB)
Artweaver 5.0.6 (18.42 MB)
Artweaver 5.0.7 (11.72 MB)
Artweaver 5.1.2 (11.92 MB)
Artweaver 5.1.4 (11.94 MB)
Artweaver 6.0 (11.88 MB)
Artweaver 6.0.5 (20.33 MB)
Daniel Feliciano
Artweaver (for Windows) is a graphic design program used for artists of all skill levels, optimized for user-friendliness. While using Artweaver connected to the Internet or a LAN connection, groups of artists can collaborate on a single project from any location at the same time.
Jacob Delrio
Artwear is a painting program, suitable for beginners, completely free available for Windows. With a weight of just 15MB Artwear provides you with a large number of different brushes, it is also so easy to use and in few minutes you will be able to create your own illustrations without any problem. Artwear also includes some exclusive images like apples, puzzles , rock walls etc.. This program supports the following formats AWD ( Artwear ) BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, PNG and PSD
For those digital artists out there, Artweaver is a painting software that helps artists express themselves within a digital format. Although the user interface may seem basic and simple, Artweaver is surprisingly powerful software, existing natively in 64-bit and featuring a large volume of brushes and other tools to optimize digital artistry. Any user can easily set up and get a good grasp of the controls and tools of Artweaver, and with pen tablet support and additional plugins as well as LAN or WAN artwork sharing and editing, Artweaver is software that any new or old digital artist should consider.
Currently Artweaver is available for Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. I am hoping that they open this up to MAC OS soon. However, this is a free raster painting program filled with possibilities for the burgeoning artist to the professional artist in use with Photoshop. The program allows a full span of opportunities from sketching to full-color painting. A bonus to the program is that it allows you to record your session and come back to it at any point.
A free paint program. We all love art and would love to see the good things that we have done. This software creates a platform for you to be wildly weirdly and personally creative with this paint tool, you get to create whatever you want with this software. It's a free space for you to reach out to your deepest artistic self. And guess what it boosts support for photoshop files. isn't it so profound?
Graphics design editor similar to Adobe Photoshop. Easy to use interface and simple to figure out. Very robust application with many different features (brushes, team assisting tools, precision tools). Great for any artist that loves to edit and create works of art.
Artweaver for Windows can work on multiple Windows versions including Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 allowing access for many users. Artweaver is a helpful painting tool with many different drawing tools. It allows you to turn digital pictures into painted artwork. Artweaver has a cool feature that records your drawing process and allows you to view this process once you are done. The best part of Artweaver is that it is completely free to download and use.
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