Open Ports Scanner

by Filesland

A utility tool for monitoring, mapping, and terminating open TCP and UDP connections

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Filesland

Release : Open Ports Scanner 2.54

Antivirus check: passed

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The Open Ports Scanner software is a sophisticated operating system tool that monitors open TCP and UDP ports, connections, and the software applications that initiate these connections. It's an advanced version of a similar tool that's incorporated within the Windows operating system, known as netstat.

This tool provides a comprehensive view of the information available on your system's ports and also allows you to link an open port to a specific process ID currently running on your computer. As such, it turns into an efficient tool for catching spyware, malware, and trojans. You just need to search for suspicious TCP connections to identify them.

  • Filtered TCP or UDP view
  • Refresh rate timer
  • Displays detailed information, including the protocol name, process name, process ID, local port, local address, remote port, remote address, and the status of the connection
  • Instantly close unwanted connections
  • Export or print the list of open ports to a text file for later analysis

In addition to these features, Open Ports Scanner allows you to instantly terminate undesirable connections straight from the software, thus enhancing your system's security. The refresh rate timer function enables you to control the data updating frequency displayed.

The Open Ports Scanner significantly enhances network security by enabling real-time monitoring of open TCP and UDP ports.

Another significant feature of the Open Ports Scanner is the ability to export or print the list of open ports. This is particularly useful for system administrators who need to perform further research or maintain records of network activity.

Finally, this software fully supports IPv6, thereby assuring compatibility with the latest network technologies. In short, Open Ports Scanner is a valuable and robust tool for anyone concerned with network security and monitoring.

Operating system: Windows 7 or later
At least 1 GHz processor
Minimum 512 MB RAM
20 MB free hard disk space

Easily identifies and terminates undesirable connections.
Supports comprehensive views of system's ports.
Facilitates record keeping with export feature.

Can be complex for non-technical users to understand.
Lacks robust technical support.
May trigger false positive alerts occasionally.
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A desktop application for network troubleshooting, diagnostics, and training with various tools.