by itseez

A coding library that supports many operating systems

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: itseez

Release: OpenCV 4.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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OpenCV, short for Open Source Computer Library, is a great computer vision and machine learning tool. It is available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. You can also use it on iOS and Android in your browser with Javascript. It provides you with over twenty-five hundred algorithms. Some of the many potential uses are facial recognition, identify objects, track the movement of objects, and extracting a 3 dimensional model of objects. Some of the more practical uses are monitoring mine equipment, detecting intrusions in the surveillance video, and helping robots find and pick up objects. It is one of the best-designed libraries I have seen for C++. The API is quite impressive, and it has C, Python, and Java bindings. It is open-source software, so it is available for everyone at no cost. This is very much a product for people who already know what they are doing. I would not recommend it for amateurs as it can be difficult to understand without a solid understanding of coding. A very active community regularly updates it.

It is a BSD licensed product, making it easy for businesses to use and modify the code. The estimated number of downloads is eighteen million. It is used by many research groups, companies, and even by some governments. It is written in C++; however, it has a great templated interface that works extremely well with STL containers. 

In conclusion, it is a really impressive library that I would not hesitate to recommend to any coder that knows what they are doing. It is a fantastic product that is continually growing.


  • Over twenty-five hundred algorithms
  • Fantastic API
  • BSD Licenced
  • Available on Windows, Linux, Mac Ox, iOS, And Android
  • Written in C++ with a templated interface.
  • Open-source software
  • regular updates
OpenCV makes it easy to develop my computer programming and coding skills, regardless of the time of day. The library that comes with this program has thousands of algorithms that I can learn from, and even comes with snippets of code templates that I can incorporate into my existing programming work.
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