Outlook CalDav Synchronizer

by Alex Nimmervoll

A free Outlook extention that helps plan events, tasks and contacts between various other servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alex Nimmervoll

Release: Outlook CalDav Synchronizer 3.3.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Published under the Affero General Public License, the Outlook CalDav Synchronizer for Windows helps users sync their calendars, tasks, and contacts on any CalDAV or CardDAV server. CalDAV features include scheduling events, managing attendees, location and time zones, status, start, and end dates. CardDAV features include groups and labels, photos, address books, organization, email, notes, etc. Some of the tested, more well-known services include Google, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Goup Office. Other preconfigured servers include Nextcloud, Cozy.io, GMX, and Easy Project. The main benefit of having this program be an Open Source is that people no longer have to worry about storing their personal data and someone spying or selling this sensitive data. Basically, it gives you back control over your data. Github makes it easy to improve the software, add new features, and fix bugs!

Many other features include modern WPF GUI, manual proxy configuration, configurable sync range, task support, organizer and reminders, category colors, and localization. 

All these features not only help combine tons of data we have on the web but also helps unite groups. For example, iOS and Android are being combined so you can access contacts and calendars with your Android even when you use your iPhone, or you can use event plans with family abroad with ease. At the same time, everyone can edit and have input.

Basically, it helps you sync your outlook data anywhere.

  • Sync: This program has a two-way sync feature between any server and Outlook. 
  • Open Source: This is a free open source meaning the anyone can find and contribute to the code on GitHub
  • Compatibility: This program is compatible with CalDAV servers!
  • Simple, secure and reliable

Additional Information:

  • partners include DAVx^5, NextCloud, EasyProject, SelectLine Software, Altona Diagnostics, and Swisscom.
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