Paint Shop Pro X9

by Corel Corporation

An all-in-one photo editor and graphic design software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Corel Corporation

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Graphic editor Paint Shop Pro X7 can probably not be fully called an analogue of Adobe Photoshop, yet the program of different classes and functions, but as an analogue of Adobe Photoshop Elements - it is possible, and in principle is not inferior to the functionality of Adobe Lightroom, and in some cases even superior to it! Paint Shop Pro, Corel Corporation is a powerful multifunctional raster image editor. First of all, it is focused on the processing of photographs. In Paint Shop Pro there are all the basic tools for this: management and organization of photos - in the program this mode is called "Management", it can be assigned tags to photos, add catalogs, structure images by one way or another. Adjustment" mode, in which you can perform basic actions related to changing the image's exposure, brightness, control of dark / light areas, change the color saturation, as well as adjust the white balance to work with noise. Also in this mode you can use the so-called "Instant Effects" sets of effects to improve your photos. Effect sets are categorized:

Landscapes - effects for landscape photography, such as contrast, slight darkening, intelligent color correction, and more;

Portrait - as clear from the title effect sets to improve portrait photography, adding vignettes, soft tones, soft focus, shades of gray and so on;

There are retro effects to create an aged photograph, imitation of the film, artistic effects - pencil styling, charcoal drawing, faceting, etc. And of course, there are a few options for translating images into black and white.

In the "Edit" mode the images are edited, just like in Photoshop. Paint Shop can work with layers, here you can also cut out parts of the image, use stamps, crop, there is a tool "Brush", you can create a layer mask, as well as the program has a built-in RAW-converter.

The newbies interface may seem a bit unusual at first. But that's not a problem. Paint Shop actively gives hints and descriptions when using various tools, and in general it will not be difficult to master the program completely.

Paint ShopPro X7 is the perfect choice for those who want to process their digital photos quickly and easily.

- Quickly organize and edit your photo library. The file browser contains mini-images of each selected file, so it is easy to find the desired photo. Photos can be searched for by file name, folder name, key items, title or image metadata.

- Express Lab. This editing mode will allow you to correct dozens of photos in the time it usually takes to edit one. Express Lab allows you to edit photos without having to open each file, which greatly speeds up your workflow.

- Autosave the original image. Automatically saves the original photo when the edited version is saved.

- Automatically separates the scanned images. Quickly split a group of scanned images into individual files.

- Supports RAW file format. Upload photos from digital cameras directly in RAW format. Working with RAW files, you will achieve the desired result with highly professional and flexible tools without changing the original RAW file.

- Support for more than 50 formats. Paint Shop Pro Photo supports viewing and editing of images, as well as viewing videos in more than 50 forms.

- Sending by e-mail. After editing, you can immediately send photos or slideshows by e-mail.

- Makeover Tools. Make sure the people in your picture look like a million people! The easy-to-use features of Paint Shop Pro Photo will help you do this. Get rid of red eyes, make white teeth, remove wrinkles, add tanning, remove physical disabilities and much more.

- Smart Photo Fix. Automatic correction of lighting and color problems.

- Color Changer. The function of easily changing the color of objects in the photo, such as clothes, furniture in the background, walls, etc. Color Changer automatically selects the lighting and then adjusts the parameters as needed to create a realistic effect.

- Adjusting the perspective. Get rid of unnecessary distortion by changing perspective.

- Recovery of damaged photos. Repair old and damaged photos by removing scratches and discoloration.

- HDR Photo Merge. Combine photos from the same scene, taken at different exposures or with different brightness or contrast to achieve the best results.

- Correction of lens distortion. Easy elimination of bloating, barrels and other lens distortions.

- Photo-painting tools. Turn your photo into a painting or let SmartStrokeā„¢ do it for you. This technology recognizes the lines and contours in the photo and follows them. So you connect the two worlds of art - photography and painting.

- Borrowing a palette from another image. Open an image in which you like the colors and their intensity and import them into your drawing using the Match Palette effect.

Paint Shop Pro X9 actually seems great because it has different type of functions and also classes. It also has effect sets which means you can use any feature that you want and create whatever that you want. I think this software product seems like it's one of a kind.
I adore Paint Shop Pro and have been using it for a long time. I bought Paintshop Pro x9 Ultimate a little over six months ago. I couldn't wait to upgrade to the newest version. I was content with my older X4 Ultimate, which I had been using without any issues. But now that I have a newer computer and a more powerful graphics card, I figured I should upgrade Paint Shop as well and be good to go. When it works, it works great. I constantly fight the program crashing when I use it to do a full day's work. I'm going crazy since the program crashes practically every thirty minutes. I am going to save myself the headache and downgrade back to what I am familiar with.
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