by Kolor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kolor

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.92356

If you're creating virtual tours in 3D from photos, you'll love Panotour. This application will significantly reduce the amount of your work, because it does not need to be programmed. All actions are performed by the program itself. All you have to do is do simple and clear things that will give you great results. With just a few clicks you can create a simple interactive tour. You can add images to the project if their resolution does not exceed 3600x1800 pixels. All basic graphics formats are supported (JPG, PSD, PNG, BMP, RAW). The interface in Panotour can be set up in the way that is convenient for the user. Individual tools can be moved, removed or even selected as a separate window.

It's very easy to create links between images. You can, for example, drag the hot spot of the selected image to the target image. All actions to communicate images or rooms are performed automatically inside the application. And before you remains a clear and understandable interface. It's all very convenient and saves you time.

- creating virtual tours takes much less time;

- the process of creating the tour is visual, no programming;

- to create links in a couple of clicks;

- different 3D effects;

- support for multiple image formats.

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