Parking Mania

by Novel Games Limited

Test your driving skills with this fun, interactive parking simulation game

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Parking Mania 1.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Parking Mania is a software that challenges you to park a car under various circumstances. Whether you're an expert driver or a novice behind the wheel, this game provides a great opportunity to test your navigation skills and dexterity. Your main mission is to guide the car to its designated parking spot. You need to use the four arrow keys on your keyboard to maneuver the car and guide it to an empty spot. Be careful, any collision will immediately end the game.

Parking Mania enhances your navigation skills and adds excitement through timed, collision-sensitive gameplay.
  • Vehicle control using the four keyboard arrow keys
  • A variety of parking situations to master
  • A system to track the time and number of moves made
  • Game ends instantly in case of a collision

In Parking Mania, the time you spend and the number of moves you make are recorded at the bottom of the screen. This helps you track your progress and strive to improve your performance with each game. The player who manages to park the vehicle in record time will undoubtedly be declared the best. Skills needed to succeed in this game include good hand-eye coordination, quick decision-making, and an accurate perception of space. Learn to skillfully maneuver your car in tight spaces and challenge yourself to avoid any obstacles in your way. Keep practicing, and discover your growing mastery of the intricate art of parking with Parking Mania.

Compatible with keyboard controls
Ability to record time and moves
Collision detection system implemented
A variety of diverse parking scenarios

Challenges bolster navigation skills and dexterity.
Variety of parking situations to master.
Helps improve hand-eye coordination and decision-making.

Game over if a single collision occurs.
Doesn't support touchscreen maneuvering.
No option to select different cars.