Partition Boot Manager

by SA Development

A software helping people repair or restore missing Windows files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SA Development

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Partition Boot Manager is a program that allows you to use up to 256 independent operating systems on one computer. Partition Boot Manager provides the ability to install each operating system on its own hard drive partition with its own file system. The system of differentiation of the rights in which it is possible to specify in which users have the right to be loaded from those or other sections is supported. The program can encrypt the data and back it up (for security reasons and in case of damage). It also supports flexible setup of the operating system startup, from the user's advanced start-up menu to fully invisible mode. The application is compatible with all popular file systems.

The program looks like it would prove useful for those that need multiple operating systems for work such as coding, you can switch between Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux without needing multiple computers. The backup feature also looks useful.
This is a handy application every IT professional and tech aficionado should have in their virtual tool belt. When the need arises to quickly and efficiently parse out your local storage into separate bootable entities this should be the go to program. Each partition will operate independently with its own operating and file system.
Partition Boot Manager makes managing your hard drives and data easy. The app includes features such as virtual discs, eliminating the need to remote from a virtual machine, and backing up data super easy. The app also supports a variety of file systems which is a plus
Partition Boot Manager is nigh required for anyone booting between many different operation systems and partitions. Partition Boot Manager is of daily importance to me as someone who uses multiple operating systems such as windows and Linux. Never has switching between the two been so easy and seamless. Would highly recommend for anyone seeking to boot into and off or multiple partitions or operating systems.
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