Path Copy Copy

by Charles Lechasseur

Rapidly upload or access a file without having to look for it first. Luckily, there is a simple method for doing it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Charles Lechasseur

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With the help of the Windows Explorer add-on Path Copy Copy, users may copy the path(s) in a number of different formats by adding contextual menu options to all files and folders. Concept taken from "Path Copy" With Windows 7 SP1 or later, Path Copy Copy is functional. Get the newest release right here! Please see the wiki for assistance and details.

Software that copies a path is free. Visit the project's GitHub page for further details, to submit bugs, etc. Additionally, if you enjoy using Path Copy, please think about making a donation to support customer service and its development.

Path Copy Copy is a little OS improvement program that makes it easier to copy a file or folder's name and path to the Clipboard. Because the software is integrated into Windows Explorer, users may choose the things to be processed with just a right-click. The layout is clear and uncomplicated and displays a number of customizable options.

You may copy a file's name and path to the clipboard and then paste it into other third-party tools using Path Copy Copy. You may instruct the program to copy the short or long name and path, parent folder location, UNC directory, Internet path, and other configuration parameters.

Because there aren't many dedicated settings included with the application, even beginners may utilize every available function.

In our testing, we found that Path Copy Copy completes a task fast and accurately all the way through. It continues to use little system resources, which prevents it from slowing down computers or interfering with the functioning of other programs.

When it comes to copying the name and location of a file or folder to the Clipboard, Path Copy Copy provides a straightforward yet effective software solution. No matter the degree of experience, it may be readily installed and set by all sorts of users.


  • Path Copy Copy is a Windows Explorer extension that adds contextual menu items to every file and folder and enables users to copy the path(s) in a variety of formats. 
  • The location of a file in the filesystem is indicated by its path.
path copy copy is a new innovative way to add menu entries to your window. This helps the software users to transit from the traditional way of copying file path but add feature to the paths like adding entries to the traditional menu. this is an amazing upgrade to window software.
Blair Debuhr
Path Copy Copy is a shell extension for Windows that allows users to copy and paste the path of a file or folder. It adds an extra option to the context menu for any file or folder, allowing users to quickly copy the path to the clipboard.
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