by PeerBlock, LLC

A program for Windows that serves as a firewall that blocks information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PeerBlock, LLC

Release: PeerBlock 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PeerBlock is a program for Windows that allows users to block information going to and coming from certain blacklisted websites. It is a successor to a Linux-only program titled PeerGuardian, which serves the same purpose. Although PeerBlock primarily uses blacklists found on, the user can configure their own blacklisted websites, as well as obtain custom blacklists from the internet. 

PeerBlock is primarily programmed by a small team of developers who are led by Mark Bulas, and the program is funded by donations from the public. These donations go towards adding features to the program, as well as potentially one day renting a private server that would allow automatic updating through the internet.

The program PeerBlock is incredibly useful when visiting certain websites that you don't want to share your information with, as its easily customizable blacklists make it simple for anyone to block sketchy websites or certain users from accessing their information. Anyone that finds themselves doing a lot of networking and internet browsing should consider using PeerBlock, as with modern technology, it can be quite simple for someone experienced with information technology to access your information without you even knowing. 

The customizability of the program makes it easy to use and more effective than the standard Windows firewall, and as such, it is an incredibly useful program to have for anyone who accesses information over the internet, and especially so if your information is important and private. Not only can you customize the interface, but one can also customize the information that is blocked, and it is simple for most anyone to use, regardless of their own personal experience with computers and technology.

Protects from dangerous host sites and enables user to block unwanted information

  • Constantly updating blocklist that allows user to choose which lists to include 
  • Toggle for both HTTP and IP trackers
  • Contains a log that shows the time, source, IP address, destination, and protocol of trackers
  • A customizable interface that allows the user to change the look of the program to their liking
PeerBlock is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that blocks unsecured or suspicious IP addresses from accessing your information, which stops them from spying on you and your data. Peerblock isn't 100% infallible, but I think it does a lot right and it is worth having on your computer. You can even block certain regions from accessing your data. Also, you can enter IP blockers that are already free on the internet. Peerblock is free and open-source, so there's no reason not to download it!
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