by Matt Chang

Simple 2D drawing and annimation application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Matt Chang

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pencil2D is a free graphic editor for raster and vector graphics. The editor is primarily focused on creating a two-dimensional animation. Initially the program was conceived as a test application in C++ and Qt and was called Pencil, then changing the three authors, the program has acquired a complete look and became a full-fledged editor/animation program. The program is distributed free and open source under the GPL license.

The interface is made in the traditional style for such programs. On the left is the toolbar with a standard set of tools: pencil, brush, eraser, selection, pipette and others. The toolbar with the settings of the selected tools is slightly lower - size, pressure, rigidity, etc.

On the right is a palette panel and additional settings. At the bottom, the Timeline panel is the main tool for mounting and animation. You can customize the interface to suit your preferences. On the timeline you can specify frame rate, adjust layers - tracks, the program has the ability to use a raster layer, vector layer, layer with camera, as well as audio track. Animation is performed frame by frame by frame, by adding and editing each frame.

The finished work can be imported into AVI, MOV, WMV video formats, saved as a sequence of images or as a separate image in JPG or SVG.

The most optimal result of image creation can be achieved by using a graphic tablet or electronic pen with Pencil2D software.

- the possibility of creating an animation;

- classic interface;

- the ability to change the location of the panels;

- ability to work with raster and vector formats;

- the ability to work with multiple tracks when creating an animation;

- audio support;

- support for several formats;

- the availability of open source code;

- distribution under a GPL license.

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